Judge Committed Fraud on Bankruptcy Filings!

Judge Committed Fraud on Bankruptcy Filings!

Clark County Nevada

December 22, 2019


Enclosed is Clark County District Court Family Division Judge Mathew Harter’s bankruptcy case history, assets reporting and property that he has not disclosed to the Bankruptcy Trustee.


The property was quitclaimed to him and his wife in January 2016 signed by Michael L. Bolton, who happens to be a friend of Harter. This document was also notarized by a Nevada State Notary on 1/23/2016.

Judge Harter’s Bankruptcy was discharged in March 2016, he then recorded the property in May 2016.


Nowhere in his asset reporting did he report to the Bankruptcy Trustee that he owns this real estate property.


These are the types of people we have sitting on the bench in the Clark County Family Court. They make all good judges look bad!


If a litigant appeared before Harter and committed this type of fraud, Harter would use that as ammunition to favor the opposing party.


We are hesitating in contacting the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline because they would write a letter saying “it’s out of the Statute of Limitations”. We always wondered why judges have three layers of protection “judicial immunity” cannot be recalled and ‘statute of limitations


It’s time for all of us to pay attention to our courtrooms and stop normalizing corrupt behaviors on the bench!

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