Attention Candidates: Nevada Veterans Association has been Reactivated and Steve Sanson is the New President

In paperwork filed with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office, Steve Sanson has been legally recognized as the president of the Nevada Veterans Association.  The organization, originally founded in 2015, has been listed as dissolved since December 31 of 2018.  In addition to this, their status as a political action committee has not been renewed since the Nevada Veterans Association filed for PAC status in January of 2018.  The following screenshots from the Nevada Secretary of State website indicate the current Active status of the Nevada Veterans Association, its formerly dissolved status, and the most recent (2018) filing status as a PAC with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office.








Mr. Sanson has worked tirelessly as president of another veterans organization in Nevada, Veterans In Politics International, a veterans group that scrutinizes and endorses political candidates friendly to veterans causes.  Veterans In Politics International also advocates for veterans and non-veterans with their campaign to investigate and expose corruption in the Southern Nevada Family Court system.


Having newly reactivated the Nevada Veterans Association, Mr. Sanson plans to shepherd the organization to be a force for good that will advocate for veterans and get them more involved in the political process.  This includes rebuilding its reputation as a veterans organization from the ground up, re-orienting its mission to better meet the needs of veterans throughout Nevada, and establishing new programming to help the association achieve the new mission once it is established.  The Nevada Veterans Association was initially founded by veterans to work for veterans and it will rise from the ashes to meet that goal once again.


One of the other actions Mr. Sanson and his team also plan on undertaking is to have other organizations cease using the name and branding of Nevada Veterans Association for their own purposes.  As indicated by the organizational status included in this [email], Nevada Veterans Association has been an inactive organization for over 1 year.  Despite this, its name and logo has been used by an organization purporting to represent Nevada Veterans Association, but has not filed paperwork renewing its status as a non-profit organization with the State of Nevada nor has it renewed its status as a PAC with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office.  While there may be backlash from this group purporting to be Nevada Veterans Association as well as from Richard Carreon (whose name is listed as the most recent president according to the PAC paperwork), please be assured that this group does not legally represent Nevada Veterans Association.  If this group had been thorough and had been good stewards of their organization, they would not have let Nevada Veterans Association’s legal standing as a non-profit organization go un-renewed, they would have continued their reporting of earnings to the Nevada Department of Taxation and the IRS, and they would have ensured that their PAC status (of which their group was founded on) would have been renewed on an annual basis.  This kind of negligent stewardship by an organization that claims to keep the best interests of veterans in mind does not inspire confidence and does not deserve the title Nevada Veterans Association as they give a bad name to the kind of dignity, dedication, and thoroughness that characterize Nevada’s veterans.


Nevada Veterans Association is back, it is under competent, proven, and dedicated leadership, and it is ready to advocate for veterans.


If you have any questions regarding the status and mission of Nevada Veterans Association, please contact Steve Sanson at 702-283-8088

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