A Judge for the people!

Clark County Nevada

June 3, 2020


Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) has been observing judges for decades. Many judges we have endorsed as attorneys win their election and their personality changed for the worst. They become entitled, egotistic, power-hungry, self-absorbed, hypocritical, have a reckless disregard for the law, and place their personal feeling above the law to a point that their personality becomes unrecognizable.  These Judges make new acquaintances that were never there for them until they have the position of judge and they quickly forget who helped them along the way.


The only item’s VIPI has ever asked of a judge is for them to be fair, honest, knowledgeable of the law (Federal, State, Code of Canons), know how to apply the law, know how to apply the US Constitution, compassionate, humble, and never sacrifice oneself to obtain power and notoriety.


We can honestly say that Judge Richard Scotti is that person. Judge Scotti stands up for justice no matter what the cost. Judge Scotti is a strong leader and a true American that believes in our US Constitution.

Judge Scotti while he was an attorney on the Board of Governors wrote a Legal Opinion expressing the great need for Southern Nevada Courts to embrace the Veterans Treatment Court.  The Veterans Treatment Court was already a law on the books passed by our legislatures and signed by our Governor, almost two years went by before Clark County Eighth Judicial District Court implemented it into their courtrooms. Northern Nevada Court was already operating the Veterans Treatment Court the same year the bill was signed into law. Judge Scotti helped to bring this specialty court into Southern Nevada Courts, a much-needed addition in support of our military veterans.


Judge Scotti had absolutely nothing to gain as a practicing attorney, but he did it because he believes in helping our community and our veteran population. This is just one of the many examples Judge Scotti has done, in an effort to improve our community and to raise the bar in our judiciary.


VIPI salutes Judge Scotti and proud to support and endorse his candidacy for another six years of honorable service to our community.



Please click onto the link below to view a one on one interview with:

Richard SCOTTI Clark County District Court Judge Department 2. Endorsed by Veterans In Politics Int.


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