Nevada Highway Troopers and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Citizen Review Board Discussing Police Accountability

Nevada Highway Patrol Troopers Breaking the Ice on Police Accountability


Clark County Nevada

June 26, 2020



Veterans In Politics interviewed former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Citizen Review Board member Michael Schumacher (click onto the link: and Nevada Highway Patrol Troopers Jacob Fisher, Travis Simaka, and Jason Buratczuk (click onto the link:

Some of the topics discussed:

  1. Pulling over a civilian with a Concealed Carry Permit, open carry weapon on the side of an individual, or weapons inside the vehicle.
  2. Reasonable Suspicion and Probable Cause.
  3. The procedures on filing a complaint.
  4. The Executive Director of the Citizen Review Board has discretion in what cases will be heard by the board members.
  5. Policy on subduing a suspect.
  6. Correcting a fellow officer’s bad behavior during an active call.
  7. Defending the US Constitution.
  8. Profiling.

We need to develop a community working relationship with our law enforcement for equal protection under the law.

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