Clark County Nevada

July 28, 2020


Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) investigates local attorney, Alex B. Ghibaudo has had his share of personal problems with substance abuse, alcohol, and domestic violence.  Ghibaudo has had various restraining orders and run-ins with the law.

Based on his personal problems, Ghibaudo was suspended from the practice of law for 5 years.  Clearly, Ghibaudo has severe mental health issues.


We at Veteran’s In Politics International have seen Ghibaudo cheat his own clients and not show-up at court hearings.   Ghibaudo has chosen to align himself with unethical characters such as Marshal Willick, Jennifer Abrams, and the corrupt group Nevada Court Watchers.


And now Ghibaudo has another restraining order to add to his collection.

On social media, Ghibaudo tries to bully and intimidate others.  But he made the mistake of running into an immovable force.  Enter legendary civil rights attorney, T. Matthew Phillips.


VIPI had enlisted attorney Phillips to write an article to warn others about Ghibaudo.  And when Ghibaudo learned of VIPI’s plans to expose him, Ghibaudo decided to take it out on Phillips.  Big mistake.


For about 5 days, Ghibaudo went on a tirade.  He was all over Facebook posting about Phillips.  Ghibaudo was engaging in childish name-calling.  He tried taunting Phillips and challenging him to a legal contest.  Meanwhile, Phillips patiently preserved the evidence.

  1. Matthew Phillips then filed for a restraining order. Phillips said, “I thought he would file an anti-SLAPP motion, but he’s not much of lawyer.”


The Sheriffs attempted to serve Ghibaudo on four separate occasions but were unsuccessful.  According to Phillips, “Ghibaudo was hiding out.”


Phillips applied to the Court for permission to serve Ghibaudo by alternative means.  And then, on July 23, 2020, Judge Saragosa issued a one-year restraining order.


“He issues threats, and then, in the same sentence, he tries to explain that it’s not a threat,” said Phillips, “but this just shows how psycho he really is.”


Ghibaudo never came to court.  He was represented by attorney Benjamin Nadig who coincidentally is running for district court judge, Department 22.  But Veterans in Politics is committed to defeating all candidates who align themselves with corruption.

VIPI has respect for attorney Phillips for doing the right thing and standing up to Clark County corruption.

“I am very pleased with Judge Saragosa’s ruling,” said Phillips.

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