Defender of Human Rights & Protector of the Constitution runs for the Supreme Court!

A very important race for our state and the only statewide race in Nevada



Clark County Nevada

September 14, 2020



Veterans In Politics interviewed Ozzie Fumo candidate for Nevada State Supreme Court seat D who has practiced law for 24 years and tried cases in both federal/state court. Fumo has served two terms in the Nevada State Assembly and is not infiltrated by corruption on the judicial bench.


While in the legislator Fumo helped passed a law to help add six more family court bench, he also helped passed a law to train all Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) bus drivers in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). These are some of the amazing laws that Fumo has helped introduced to our great state of Nevada.


Fumo discusses how he will enforce the rule of law to all litigants no matter their status, religion, gender, political party, and color in the community.


We don’t want to give it away but watch the video:


Fumo discusses the series of events that persuaded him to become a criminal defense attorney.


Fumo also discusses how his opponent covered up a litigant’s innocents by withholding evidence from the defense. That would have proven the convicted man Fred Steese was nowhere in Nevada at the time the murder was committed. Because of this action, an innocent man was in prison for almost 21 years and the killer still walks amongst us!


Fumo said because of qualified immunity his opponent was never disbarred, never disciplines, or punished for what he did.


Fumo went on and said his opponent was overturned twice in 10 months by the Nevada Supreme court, his opponent violated the constitutional rights of a citizen and manifested/abused his discretion, this is why we need to remove qualified immunity stated Fumo.


Fumo said his opponent owes the Nevada taxpayers and the victim an apology.



We recognized many years ago that we need to put aside our personal biases and vote for a qualified, fair, and knowledgeable, person to represent our state.



Ozzie Fumo for Nevada Supreme Court


Ozzie Fumo: Defender of Human Rights & Protector of the Constitution runs for Supreme Court

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