Native Born, Veteran, and Fighter for Nevadans Mack Miller runs for Lt. Governor!

Clark County Nevada

December 20, 2021


Veterans In Politics video internet talk show interviewed Mack Miller candidate for Nevada’s Lieutenant Governor.

Miller said he would use the weight of the Lieutenant Governor’s Office to help out in other areas that are failing our state.

Fix education to attract out of state business:

Miller said the school district has failed Nevadans for years, he continues by saying; “how can we attract new business to Nevada, if we have a failing school system”?

Miller continues on the school district, “how can we call parents terrorists because they are involved in their children’s education”?

Miller said during the pandemic parents started to pay more attention to their children’s education because of virtual learning. Now parents are looking over their children’s shoulders and viewing their child’s computer screen and saying; “this is what they are teaching my children?” “No offense Physical Education (PE) Teacher but why are you overweight”? “Why are you not teaching my child how to write cursive”? “Why are you not teaching my child how to read a clock and not rely on digital”? “Why are you teaching my child about emotions and pronouns”?

Turning small businesses against each other, by virtually deputizing small business owners to do Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) requirements by having their employees engage with private citizens’ health issues.

Mack Miller’s take on candidates in the Lt. Governors race:

  1. John Miller who no one knows and he became a Republican in November.
  1. Tony Grady former military and very nice gentleman.
  2. Kameron Hawkins sells his cigars in other business cigar owners’ establishments without their consent.
  1. None of the Above will get votes.
  1. Dan Schwartz is boring, too old, and knows how to push paper.
  1. Stavros Anthony should have run for Sheriff.

Miller explains his Cons:

  1. Is this guy a deserter from the Army? Miller said he was blown up in Iraq and was on Medical Leave. Miller said less than 1% of the American population serves in the military. Miller continues and said he was charged for desertion while deployed in a combatant country named Iraq (who would do that?). Miller continues his innocents and explained that he was not even close to receiving a jury of his peers.
  1. Miller said in another incident he pulled out a spray gun on someone who tried to run over a member of his family. No conviction.
  1. Miller speaks about how Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske is constantly fishing to have something negative on him to derail his political aspirations. Nothing has been found all allegations were dismissed.
  1. Miller said he is not an attorney and a none attorney cannot own a law firm, he continues and said that he has a consulting company that is not a law firm. But some people have confused his marketing consulting firm with a law firm.
  1. Miller explains how he was assaulted at the Clark County Commission meetings. When the commission said misinformation is a public health crisis. Miller stated that should alarm Nevadans. Miller speaks about how our troop strength is depleting when our government discharged 3,600 soldiers and 103 Marines for not being vaccinated.
  1. Miller said that there is a lawsuit on its way because of the Clark County Commission meeting incident. Miller also said that Commissioner Richard “Tick” Segerblom lied on camera to a local news agency and said that Miller assaulted someone and it’s on video. No video has ever been produced to support this allegation).


Miller said as a native-born Nevadan he loves and believes in our state and we can not continue to allow it to go down this path without a different way of helping Nevada.

Miller said he has been on welfare and now he is successful, that he can relate to most Nevadans struggles. Miller said that he was court-martial for bullshit, but yet nobody talks about the Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford’s arrest. The hypocrisy in politics has to stop!

We need to get our economy back by untieing the hands of business owners.

Miller said if anyone reaches out to him and said that they have a problem “Mack got your Back”!!

Miller will close by saying; “if you are a refugee from another state and you ran away from that state because you didn’t like what’s going on there, don’t bring it here!”

Nevada Office of Lt. Governor Statutory Duties


The Nevada lieutenant governor has five (5) statutory duties. These duties include chairing the state tourism commission; serving on boards related to transportation, economic development, and audits; and ensuring continuity of government in a catastrophic emergency.


Statutory duties of Lieutenant Governor as prescribed by Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS):

  1. Serve as chairman of the Commission on Tourism (NRS 231.170).
  2. Serve as vice chairman of the Board of Directors of the Department of Transportation (NRS 408.106).
  3. Serve as a member of the Board of Economic Development (NRS 231.033).
  4. Serve as a member of the Executive Branch Audit Committee (NRS 353A.038).
  5. Homeland Security – Continuity of Government.

The Lieutenant Governor is charged in event of a catastrophic emergency and in the absence of the governor to ensure continuity of government including filling elected positions

…“If this State or a portion of this State is stricken by a catastrophic emergency of such magnitude that, in the opinion of the Governor or, in the absence of the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the existing provisions of the Nevada Constitution and the statutes of this State relating to the filling of vacancies in the office are not able to provide for a sufficiently expedient continuity of government and temporary succession of power as a result of vacancies in office created by the catastrophic emergency, the provisions of subsections 3 to 11, inclusive, apply. … AND After a catastrophic emergency has taken place, the Governor or, in the absence of the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, shall:

(a) Determine and announce publicly when conditions have normalized within this State or the portion thereof affected by the
catastrophic emergency.

(b) In cooperation with the Secretary of State, develop procedures and a reasonable schedule for filling by regular election the various offices filled temporarily according to this section.” (NRSS 239C. 260)

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Mack Miller for Lt. Governor

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Mack Miller candidate for Nevada’s Lt. Governor on the Veterans In Politics Video Internet talk-show

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