Ron Q. Quilang certified CPA takes AD21 by storm!

Clark County Nevada

December 16, 2021


Veterans In Politics video internet talk show interviewed Ron Q. Quilang a Certified Public Accountant and candidate for Nevada Assembly District 21.

Quilang has his accounting firm, he said that the best way to betterment Nevada is to vote on laws that would help Nevadan’s without any personal agenda.

Quilang said small business is in trouble because of a lack of employees, he said that we need to pay employees more to keep quality employees on hand.

Quilang said he would sponsor a bill that would put Nevada back to work to stimulate the job market.

Quilang said mail-in ballots haven’t been accurate in the past and he doesn’t see any change in the future.

Quilang said he hasn’t worked for corporate America in over 20 years and entrepreneurism is the best way to effectively change the middle class.

Quilang said he will be a Nevada Assemblyman exactly the way he runs his business, he continues by saying that he would read each bill and make sure that it makes sense for the betterment of Nevadan’s.

Quilang is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to money from filing taxes to investments. He said that as a state we need to take a real good look at Nevada’s Tax Laws.

Quilang said real change cannot be made unless you are elected into office, he continues by saying this is the only way he could take a look at the entire state budget.

The host chimed in and said all funding bills originate from the assembly and we need leaders that understand financing.

Please click on the link below to view the interview:

Ron Q. Quilang candidate for Nevada Assembly District 21 on the Veterans In Politics talk-show

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