Judge has his head up his “A$$” gives children unsupervised to Multiple Felons!

Clark County Nevada

December 13, 2021


Veterans In Politics video internet talk show interviewed Destinee Larosee a victim of the Clark County Family Court Corruption.

Register of Actions

Case No. D-18-581826-D

Destinee Larosee, Plaintiff vs. Austin Craig, Defendant.

Larosee is in Family Court for her two sons, prides herself by being a victim advocate at UNLV.

Larosee said she has been in Family Court for three years now.

The incident:

Larosee explains the hot and cold treatment with her ex-husband and continues by saying that her ex-husband was completely controlling even with sex.

Larosee explains an incident when her ex tosses her son who is almost 2 years old on the bed and turned up the television.  She continues by saying that she was shoved into the closet then her head was slammed against the wall with his hands on her neck. She was then shoved onto the ground while still being strangled.

Larosee explained that her ex-husband then forced his penis into her mouth and forced her to perform oral sex.

Larosee said she then went unconscious, when she regained consciousness she was laying on the floor gagging for air. The police weren’t called immediately.

Larosee said the trauma set in coupled with embarrassment.

Larosee said her ex admitted by bragging about the incident to his best friend and his best friend’s wife.

Larosee finally went to the police and filed a criminal report, a rape kit was performed.

Larosee said that the police arrested her ex after reading her statement.

Larosee said she had particular hemorrhaging inside her throat. Her ex was charged with sex assault, battery by strangulation to commit sex assault, and Domestic battery by strangulation.

Larosee testified for almost 3 hours in a preliminary hearing in Criminal District Court. The prosecution added first-degree kidnapping.

Her ex-husband took an Alford plea deal and pleaded guilty to:

  • 2nd-degree kidnapping,
  • coercion of sexual motivation,
  • battery by strangulation,
  • battery constituting domestic violence,
  • A registered sex offender,
  • and was sentenced to six months in jail.

An Alford plea in Nevada is when a defendant in a criminal case does not admit guilt but concedes there is sufficient evidence to find him/her guilty at trial. In short, it is a guilty plea that allows the defendant to maintain his/her innocence.

Linda Marquis Clark County Family Court Judge is in the picture and gave Larosee an emergency Temporary Protection Order (TPO) and sole physical custody.

Everything was moving in the right direction until Family Court Judge Bryce Duckworth was reassigned to her case.

Now, the ex-husband is out of jail and took Larosee to court for custody and visitation and Bryce Duckworth decided to retract the last judges’ decision and gave the felon unsupervised overnight visits every other weekend from Thursday thru Sunday after he sees a counselor for four visits.

Whatever happened with Donna’s House?

Donna’s House Central (DHC) is a Family and Child Treatment (FACT) Program sponsored by the 8th Judicial District Court-Family Division.

 Donna’s House Central provides supervised visitation and exchange services for custodial and non-custodial parents. Donna’s House Central provides a safe, neutral, and child-friendly environment for non-custodial parents to initiate, reunite, or continue in a relationship with their children. Visitation is provided in one-hour or two-hour blocks of time under the auspices of visitation supervisors. All activities are monitored, and reports are provided to the Court. 

The host explained how family court judges are extremely inconsistent and will circumvent the law to fit their narrative.

Please click on the video below:

Destinee Larosee corruption with Clark County Family Court on the Veterans In Politics talk-show


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