Corrupt judges running Unopposed!

Corrupt judges running Unopposed!

Clark County Nevada

January 15, 2020


Attention Nevada Attorneys!

Have you had enough of Family Court Judges who…

  • Fail to follow the rule of evidence?
  • Show favoritism and preference to certain counsel?
  • Openly violate our US Constitution?
  • Frequently don’t show up to work?
  • Refuse to follow state laws?
  • Fail to follow Judicial Cannons?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “yes”, then your time is now! Many judges fitting the above description are running unopposed. We are asking why?

We understand that campaigns are costly, but we are here to help you. This is your moment to make a difference! Do not leave corrupt judges to run unopposed continuing to destroy families and enriching certain entrenched and corrupt family law attorneys.

Three years ago the Veterans In Politics International took on the issue of rampant corruption in the Clark County Family Courts and we caused so much sunlight to be focused on this issue, that a couple of the corrupt judges and attorneys we targeted went so far as to collude to frame us at a sham hearing for the very things they do every day. Still, we press on un-phased. Why? Because we have met the victims and we believe in a better judiciary.

Below we have provided information that you can use and other information we are willing to share privately.

Nevada can’t afford to wait another six years of families being destroyed at the hands of corrupt incumbent judges and corrupt attorneys who are now running for judge.

You can make a difference!

The Nevada Bar has made it clear that it will do nothing about corrupt and unethical attorneys, however, we have until Friday, January 17th at 5 pm to let corrupt judges know that the bench is a humble honor, not an assumption.




Mathew Harter

RE: Mathew Harter Clark County Family Court Judge Department N

Clark County Family Court Judge Mathew “Half Day” Harter would like a promotion to the Nevada Supreme Court

Too many cooks in the kitchen? “Judge Harter should run his own Courtroom without outside help”

Evidence supports that Family Court Judge worked 140 days in 2018

Courtroom Cover-ups and betrayal; business as usual!

Clark County Judges Defy and Deny the Authority of the Nevada State Supreme Court. (Court Facilitated “Kidnapping”)!

Steve Sanson President of Veterans In Politics Blast Clark County Family Court Judges part 2-2



Vincent Ochoa

Vincent Ochoa Family Court Judge Admitted to Violating Nevada Custody Laws

Judge Ochoa’s son arrested for Heroin use and cover-up by an Assistant Sheriff at Metro

Do you want Judge Ochoa to “like” your children? FaceBook Issues Round #2

Judge Ochoa and a FaceBook friends “with benefits?”

Two Clark County Family Court Judges lose Police Endorsement – “Ochoa and Harter”!

Judge becomes debt collector and signs bench warrant to help his attorney friend get paid!



Charles Hoskin

Two Clark County Family Court Judges should be REMOVED from the bench NOT promoted!!

Take a look at the following Clark County Family Court Judges

“Letter sent to investigate the problematic Clark County Family Court System”


Bryce Duckworth




Election Department: Candidate Filing in Clark County

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