Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life Caitlin Turkovich!

Clark County Nevada

December 2, 2021


Veterans In Politics video internet talk show interviewed Caitlin Turkovich speaks about transitioning from Military to Civilian Life.

Turkovich is an Army Veteran who said she joined the Army to gain discipline and structure.

Turkovich did three combat tours in Iraq, she is a 100 percent service-connected disabled veteran.

Turkovich speaks about the lack of planning by the military, She explained how veterans are out of the military and have no idea on how to budget, do their taxes, pay rent, how to do a resume there is no financial guidance.

Our cohost Bill Hockstedler said the AirForce has a program entitled Transition Assistance Program, but none of this exists in the other branches of service.

Turkovich said that the military owes it to our veterans to better equip them for civilian life.

The Host asked about helping veterans that might be suffering from mental illness, (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or (TBI) Traumatic Brain Injury. To help veterans understand what they are going through and guide them into civilian life.

In addition to suicide being ramped amongst veterans in the neighborhood of 35 veterans commit suicide per day.

Turkovich explains the different programs veterans have no idea that they exist because no one lets them know, she continues that they are about 400 programs that currently exist for veterans.

We need to equip our veterans better with knowledge and guidance so they can adequately adapt to civilian life.

Caitlin Turkovich Army vet discusses the transition from military to civilian on VeteransIn Politics


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