Sanson owns Nevada Veterans Association Judge ordered!

Byron Brooks Nevada Board of Regent and Donna Lee attempted to steal a Trade Mark name owned by Steve Sanson President of Veterans In Politics.

The “Duo” wanted the name to endorse candidates in an attempt to Waterdown the Veterans In Politics International endorsed candidates.

Sanson said any Veteran organization that has a tax exemption status 501 © 3 can not endorse candidates are they will lose their IRS exemption. So some people have a Facebook page or a PAC but none of them are legitimate Veterans organizations that can endorse candidates. These fools decided that they will steal a Trade Mark name and get away with it. The judge made the right call and this is far from over! There is not one organization within the state of Nevada that has full transparency when it comes to endorsing a candidate.  We invite all candidates, but many refuse to show up or act like they didn’t get the invite. These candidates know that we asked tough questions on a LIVE unedited video interview that is open to the public.

Veterans In Politics International will keep fighting to put great candidates in office.. If you don’t like who we endorse educate yourself and check out our Youtube Channel

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