The Episode “Death in a Vegas Motel” from Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix Reveals More than Police Want the Public to Know!

The episode from the latest season of the revival of the hit TV show was released on Tuesday, October 25th, and reveals information that calls into question the “official story” behind the death of a beloved Las Vegas personality.

The revival of the hit television show, Unsolved Mysteries, on Netflix has recently released an episode titled “Death in a Vegas Motel.”  The show explores the mysterious death of wrestling promoter, auto mechanic, and local Las Vegas personality James “Buffalo Jim” Barrier in 2008.

Law enforcement treated Barrier’s death as a simple overdose of cocaine and closed the case, concluding there was no foul play.  Now, 14 years later, Barrier’s family has unearthed new information that was never disclosed to the public or news media; this is information that brings the official story by police into question.

“Death in a Vegas Motel” discusses the new information behind Barrier’s death.  It also highlights some of the suspicious activity that was occurring in his life before his death.

Some of these instances were:

  • The death threats Barrier was receiving up until the day before he died.
  • It reports in greater detail the rivalry Barrier had with Rick Rizzolo (a strip club owner that shared a building with Barrier and tried to force him out of his auto shop next door) from a retired FBI agent and Barrier’s lawyer.
  • The disappearance of Barrier’s vehicle from the parking lot of the motel he was found in.
  • An impossible time discrepancy that lends credibility to foul play, contrary to law enforcement’s official statement, and so many more verified facts that were never discussed or presented to the public.
  • The LVMPD had Buffalo Jim’s daughters at the crime scene inside the motel room to identify their father’s body while at rest inside a body bag. One of the daughters at the time was no more than 15 years old.

And once you’ve watched the episode on the new season of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix and want to know more, visit to learn more about the case.


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