Marine, Police Commander seeks Henderson City Council Special Election!

Henderson Nevada

December 31, 2022


Veterans In Politics Video Internet Talk-show’s last show for 2022 featured Aaron Johnson who seeks the office of Henderson City Council Ward 1. We learned that the city of Henderson is no longer having city council candidates campaign city-wide. Now each city council candidate will campaign in their respected Ward. The city of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas has already been practicing this type of campaigning for years. This makes more sense why campaign city-wide when you are only representing one Ward.

Aaron Johnson did 4 years in the Marine Corps and is currently employed with the Boulder City Police Department as a Police Commander. Johnson explained that he loves to travel with his family, as a civilian he has visited over 20 countries.

On January 3rd, 2023, the new council will vote for a Special Election or they will pick their puppet of choice by making an appointment and disregarding the will of the people.

We have noticed that in the past few years especially in this last election many police officers want to be elected to a political seat.

Johnson would like to break up the Clark County School District he indicated that it’s massive and out of control.

The Host asked about the vote of no confidence against the current Henderson Police Chief, Johnson said he doesn’t buy into it. But he agreed that crime has increased and claims that Boulder City is the safest city in the nation. 

Johnson believes that there is enough water in Sothern Nevada to sustain growth. Johnson believes that the use of water in the Imperial Valley in California is decreasing all of our water here at home. 

The Host asked, “what is your vision for the city council”.  Johnson’s responded by saying true transparency through teamwork and effective leadership. 

Johnson said that every member currently on the city council is originally appointed rather than elected by the people like a good ole boy network. 

Johnson said that he is in the occupation of service from the US Marine Corps to a Police Officer in the Boulder City Police Department. 

The Host said his vote for a candidate is a gift of love and if they screw up he will attempt to unseat them with a vengeance. 

If there is a Special Election Veterans In Politics International will conduct an Endorsement interview in the City of Henderson. 

The Host asked Johnson if the city council fills a municipal court judge vacancy, what would he look for if faced with that decision. Johnson said he would look at the judicial candidate’s track record as an attorney. 

Johnson closed by saying he is focused on public safety, education, and responsible growth. 

For more information on Aaron Johnson please visit his website at: 

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Aaron Johnson candidate for Henderson City Council Ward 1 2023 Special Election on the Veterans In Politics Video Internet talk-show

Recap: 2022

We would like to thank all of our guests and candidates that appeared on our talk show program and endorsement interviews. Over 200 candidates were a part of this process in 2022.

We would also like to remember our fallen in 2022: Tiffany Watson, Wes Brumitt, Stanley Washington, Keith Rogers, Rolando Larraz, and Johnny Jackson and if we left someone out we apologize. May they all rest In Peace!

May 2023 bring health, wealth, prosperity, and longevity.

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