A Mother’s Plea in an Open Letter to Clark County Commissioners!

Clark County Nevada

May 20, 2023

Dear Commissioners,

I have attached my speech from the public forum dated 05/02/2023. I have also attached the photos that I brought to the public forum and shared with you on 05/02/2023.

I am circling back around to see if any of you 7 commissioners [names listed below] have reported the child abuse I spoke about, which LVMPD and Child Protective Services refuse to acknowledge.

  • Jim Gibson – District G, Commissioner Chairman
  • Justin Jones – District F
  • Ross Miller – District C
  • Tick Segerblom – District E
  • Marilyn Kirkpatrick – District B
  • William McCurdy – District D
  • Michael Naft – District A

This unethical conflict you created by appointing CHRISTINE KELLEHER, a Government Official using her position to influence government employees for private gain is depriving my child of equal protection under the Nevada Constitution. My daughter and I have no fair access to DCFS/CPS because of the willful misconduct of this public official (CHRISTINE KELLEHER) that you continue to appoint, who has decision-making authority over all caseworkers within Clark County DCFS.  This Government official, you continue to appoint, even after I have brought this situation to your attention, decides when DCFS child abuse/neglect case workers are properly determining cases.  This same Government official you continue to appoint, even after I brought this to your attention, is representing those accused of child abuse and neglect in private practice (view attached photo, Ms. Kelleher arguing in a trial).  This conflict is unethical and unlawfully influential, creating a volatile and predictable process within the State agency. [CHRISTINE KELLEHER + CPS = CASES CLOSED]  The conflict created by this commission appointing CHRISTINE KELLEHER to this position deprives some of their rights to equal protection and equal access to public services.

At this point, I do personally believe that there should be some culpability because you were already made aware of this situation and every one of you continued to re-appoint Ms. Kelleher.

I have personally experienced a lack of adherence to the procedure defined by the agency’s policy and gross misconduct on behalf of both the official YOU appointed and the employees of CPS/DCFS & LVMPD.

You must uphold the law and carry out moral obligations to your communities/constituents, keeping the most vulnerable safe.  When communities feel their constitutional rights are being violated, it contributes to distrust in our communities. Public safety is built on trust, trust generates safety. We need a solid foundation of trust in our communities, which seems to be the topic of conversation in the media recently, the lack of trust in our commissioners (i.e. Justin Jones).

Please let me know what resolve you will provide for this unethical conflict that has forced my child into years of abuse/neglect that has led to the most recent incident of an AK-47 shoved into her back [by her father, that LVMPD & CPS refused to investigate) and her recent diagnosis of PTSD (and AMPS, amplified musculoskeletal pain disorder, which is only a result of PTSD caused by years of covered-up neglect and abuse) at the tender age of 7 years old.

Thank you,

Jennifer Bandiero



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