Congressional Candidate puts self-interest before code; dragging Republican Club President in the process!

Boulder City Nevada

May 29, 2023

(VIPI) Veterans In Politics International President Steve Sanson attended the Boulder City Republican Women monthly luncheon on May 18, 2023. The last time Sanson attended this event the Boulder City bypass was just a conversation.

The club President Jennifer Tuggle announced both Republican Nevada State Party Chairman Michael McDonald and Clark County Republican Party Chairman Jesse Law were in attendance.

Anyone with half a brain would be able to do the connection and realize that this is a Political Republican organization. Although it is open to the public the name alone would tell anyone that they are “Republican Women in Boulder City”… I wonder what gave that away. We are positive that their members are registered Republicans only.

With that said Sanson was surprised to see Mark Robertson soon to announce his second attempt for congressional district one and retired full-bird Army Colnole wearing his military uniform as the keynote speaker to this political organization’s monthly luncheon.

Sanson decided to quietly inform the club president Jennifer Tuggle of the rules regarding the (UCMJ) Uniform Code of Military Justice.

All members of the armed forces, including active-duty members, members of the reserve components not on active duty, and retired members are prohibited from wearing military uniforms at political campaigns or election events.

Tuggle was abrasive and rude she watered down everything Sanson was saying and added with her narcissistic attitude that she is the final decision maker.

Sanson decided to reach out to Mark Robertson to correct him on his violation. Robertson responded as long as he didn’t discuss politics he was correct to wear the uniform… I never saw any disclaimer in the UCMJ that states that. I guess it’s like going to a Ku Klux Klan rally and being okay as long as you don’t talk about hanging black Americans.

Sanson figured he wasn’t getting anywhere with these two and decided to go public.  The bottom line is Robertson willfully violated that military policy so what else is he willing to violate if he gets into office?

If Roberston appeared at this political organization in civilian clothes like every other veteran that attended this event there wouldn’t be an issue.  The fact that the club was honoring veterans and politics was not discussed are not disclaimers to violate the policy.

Because Sanson publicly called out Robertson for violating the UCMJ. Tuggle with her narcissistic attitude told a Republican member that Sanson is no longer welcome to attend the club’s functions. Tuggle narcissistic as can be didn’t have the gonads to tell Sanson herself!

Sanson tried to find the By-Laws of the Boulder City Republican Women, but do understand that it takes a voting body to remove someone.

Republicans are supposed to be fierce protectors of our US Constitution but in this case, it can be violated if it serves your self-interest.

The First Amendment gives Americans five basic freedoms: Freedom of speech, press, petition, assembly, and religion.

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