What Every Nevadan Needs to Know about Sam Brown!

Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Sam Brown poses for the photograph at the RGJ on Jan. 14, 2022.
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June 5, 2023

 No more recycled politicians

Elect TRUE Nevadans

After investigating Sam Brown’s background an anonymous informer brought us this information to ensure that voters have the information to make an informed decision at the ballot box.

Below are bullet points to paint you an accurate picture:

  • Brown’s campaign, albeit a well-managed, and successful one, had very little substance. I heard many say it during the campaign and much more after. Of course, every Nevadan connected with his personal story, there’s no denying that he’s a hero veteran who almost lost his life in a horrible tragedy while fighting for our country.
  • Many would be sympathetic to Brown’s tragedy but does that make Brown an excellent and qualified United States Senator? 

Women Dominating our Political Seats:

In addition, many smart intellectual voters would tell you based on election history in this state it will take a woman to defeat a woman.

If you don’t believe me take a look at some of our political seats. Remember all these seats were male-dominated once upon a time.

Let’s take a look at some of them Nevada Assembly has 42 seats 26 of them are women. State Senate has 21 seats 13 of them are women. The Nevada Supreme Court has 7 seats and 5 of them are women. The Eighth Judicial District Court has 58 seats 42 of them are women.

Only an Egotistic male would jump into this race for US Senate. Either for financial gain or political attention… But not for the betterment of Nevadans or his political party!

Back to Brown:

  • However, I would bet most would be hard-pressed to tell you what policies he stood for. Was he fighting for our broken schools, the border crisis, the second amendment, the first amendment, sex trafficking, the economy, and water, did he give us solutions and actionable items he promised to fulfill once elected?
  • Our country is sick of the same old vanilla politicians (or want to be in his case) who are afraid to come out strong on the issues.
  • We are at war with a completely corrupt government and need our representatives to have passion and not be afraid to stand for what they believe. What battle does he plan to fight most, and has he told you how he intends to do it?
  • Our government is corrupt and it’s infiltrated virtually every aspect of our society. He’s got plenty to choose from, but he must choose. He needs to say something of substance. If he plans to tour our state telling more of his personal life story and not discuss what he plans to do once elected, he has no chance, however, I’d argue he has no chance regardless.
  • Brown ran in another state, and from what I’ve heard kept the money, did his donors get paid back? Brown couldn’t win in Texas or Nevada’s last election but he believes Nevadans are more gullible to take him out of the primary. But that’s where his campaign would end.

Follow the money:

  • I’ll let others follow the money trail, one that also leads to not-so-humble backgrounds.
  • Is Cincinnati a small-town America? According to FEC reports, Sam Brown hoovered up more than $10,000 from current owners of the team and their spouses, including a double max contribution ($2900 x 2 = $5800) from team owner Michael Brown, $2900 from his wife Nancy, $1000 from his aunt, Bengals Executive VP Katie Blackburn (Paul Brown’s granddaughter) and another $2900 from his uncle Paul Brown Jr., who is a Vice President of the team.
  • Then Brown came to Nevada, and glossed over all of our issues, in a way that only a newcomer could. It was clear he knew very little about our rural communities and the water rights issues our ranchers and farmers have been battling for decades.
  • Brown knew nothing about how to revive our tourist industry, and our battle to protect our resources from neighboring blue states.
  • Before Brown moved to Nevada in 2018, he lived in Texas for six years and ran for state representative during the 2014 midterm cycle.
  • While running there he said: “It would take an act of God to get him to leave the Lone Star state”, and used much of the same rhetoric he used while campaigning in Nevada.
  • Brown said the same about Texas as he does about Nevada, that his family moved to the state(s) to “plant our roots.” Once in Nevada, Brown initially approached people about running for Nevada State Assembly in the 2020 election.
  • Brown’s platform was his personal story, and albeit is a heroic story, no one can deny him of that, but how does that make him fit to represent Nevada? There are rumors he’ll hop to another state if he needs to. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Sam Brown campaign in Arizona if he fails on his second attempt in the silver state.
  • The most important piece to why I’m not voting for Sam Brown and don’t want him running in my state is how he ended his loss the last go around.
  • While other state GOP nominees, vowed to expose the inconsistencies their campaigns observed in the states closed primary, Brown conceded quickly, and then disappeared entirely, never mentioning election integrity once.
  • Most of those who voted for Sam felt the race had been stolen, and they deserved to hear from him on the issue. Gilbert went on to file lawsuits, and Chattah now a GOP National Committeewoman has stood by her word of always representing the people of Nevada.
  • Those two haven’t stopped fighting, yet Brown has all but gone completely underground. I live in Washoe County and attend many GOP meetings, Sam Brown lives in Washoe County and lives in my city of Reno, and it is very rare to see him at Central Committee Meetings. I can’t recall a time I’ve seen him at a meeting since the primary.
  • During the recent CNN Townhall, President Donald Trump said anyone who isn’t questioning the integrity of our elections and doesn’t think the 2020 elections had issues, is an idiot.
  • Win, lose, draw; all GOP candidates need to speak out on election integrity and stand with the party on the issue. At the end of the day, election integrity is not a partisan issue, all voters deserve to have confidence in our elections, and the fact of the matter is they don’t. Voter apathy is a huge problem, which Sam Brown has never addressed.
  • After his quick concession and disappearing act post-loss in the primary, I was able to confront him at a small fundraiser event for Eddie Lorton who was running for Reno Mayor. I told him that what I had witnessed was that many of his supporters were heartbroken by his actions and felt like they had been duped. They voted for him because they thought he was a fighter and what they witnessed after his loss was the opposite.
  • Brown assured me there was a strategy to his actions, and expressed regret as well, admitting the fallout had been more than he and his team expected. I can’t say this enough, WE THE PEOPLE, are done with political games, you can take your strategy and shove it up your ass, we need true leaders that we can trust and don’t back down when the fight gets tough.
  • Those he disappointed will never come back, and the passionate base he and his incredible campaign staff worked so hard to build is gone forever.
  • I tell my clients constantly, what we’ve lived through the past three years has changed everything. Old political games don’t work because people the great lie has been exposed, the government is not our friend, they are not here to protect us, they do not care about our safety and wellbeing, and we need to shut the corruption down once and for all.
  • We see through lies and deception, and we aren’t easily fooled anymore. You must walk the walk, actions speak louder than words, and I’m still shocked that his team of consultants didn’t advise him better on how to address his loss. They failed big time. Messaging matters, and winning in public opinion matters, it was an epic fail in every way.
  • Sam Brown will have to work twice as hard this time around to win BACK the trust of Nevada voters. They may not have known the full story the last time around, but I assure you they do now.
  • This is the Battleborn state with good reason, Nevadans have been lied to and sold down the river by countless politicians, and with every heartbreak, our discernment grows.
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