Emotional Mom said Family Court Judge gave her child to a Violent Abuser and Pedophile!

Clark County Nevada

June 14, 2023

Veterans In Politics video interview of Jessica Church on Saturday, June 10, 2023 guest cohost Michael McDonald.

Here is a small breakdown of this powerful and emotional interview…. 

Church started the interview by stating that her child was given to a pedophile.

Church said that her daughter’s father has violated the court order for 50/50 custody and Judge Michele ‘Shell’ Mercer has ignored the contempt of court.

Church talks about her mother who allegedly had her children take naked photos of her.

Church said the Judge and Metro turned a blind eye to the anal fissure on her daughter.

Church said the doctors concluded that there is sexual assault of a minor who was 4 years old at the time of the abuse.

Church said that the lead investigator for Child Protective Services (CPS) refused to meet with her.

Church said that the father of her child a career criminal strangled her and left her in the woods for dead, who has a history of domestic violence charges.

Church said that Judge Mercer accused her of using drugs because she colored her hair.

Church claimed that she has never used drugs.

There were no supervised visits for the father.

Church very emotionally charged claimed that she has a secret recording of her daughter now six-year-old naming people who have sexually assaulted her.

Church said that Judge Mercer is having a secret meeting off the record in her chambers regarding an Order to Show Cause.

At the end of the interview, Church named everyone she believes participated in a sexual act against her daughter.

We don’t want to say anymore but this video described the events that took place.

Some of these claims are hard to believe but after investigating the litigant’s claims in family court for the past several years, nothing is hard to believe. 

Explosive Emotional and Powerful interview click on the link below: 

Jessica Church said a family court judge gave her kid to a domestic violence abuser and pedophile 


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