Ethics Complaint filed against Mark Robertson Nevada’s Congressional Candidate!

Clark County< Nevada

June 20, 2023

NV Commission on Ethics Mark Robertson

In a May 29, 2023 Veterans In Politics article

Congressional Candidate puts self-interest before code; dragging Republican Club President in the process! View the link to the article here: Congressional Candidate puts self-interest before code; dragging Republican Club President in the process! | [your]NEWS (

After the publication of the article, several members wanted to move forward and file a complaint with the Nevada Commission on Ethics. Here is one of the complaints already filed: file:///C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/tmpD395.pdf

The Nevada Commission on Ethics is taking this issue seriously. In The matter of unauthorized wearing of the uniform. We all know that the uniform is worn as a symbol of public trust. This is why Joe Lombardo our state Governor is facing ethics charges for wearing the uniform in political advertisement see article by Fox 5 News Nevada Commission on Ethics publishes 456-page investigation into Gov. Lombardo (

Mark Robertson a congressional candidate for District 3 in the last election has decided to run again, but this time for congressional District 1 a district he doesn’t live in.

Robertson was not only an attendee, but he was also the Keynote Speaker for a “political” club; decked out in full uniform as if he was attending a Whitehouse Dinner.

Robertson is a retired Army full-bird colonel; one would think that he knows better… But the thing is this silver-tong-banded manipulated the biggest ego we have ever seen in a women club president.

Jennifer Tuggle President of the Boulder City Republican Women Club defended Robertson as if the two of them wore drinking buddies from Vietnam.

When the President of Veterans In Politics confronted both of them on the issue of wearing the military uniform to a political organization is against policy. Both Robertson and Tuggle had the same talking points. They both stated that as long as they don’t discuss politics it’s okay.. however, the last time we checked “Republican” is in the name of the organization. Just saying!

Robertson shouldn’t have been in uniform at this political organization, let alone their Keynote Speaker…. He was quietly saying; vote for me in the next election.

But our favorite excuse was the fact that they were honoring veterans that day, during their monthly luncheon, which somehow silenced the uniform policy.

Dr. Robert Medoff, who filed the claim; when asked why did you file this complaint said: “If he is breaking the rules now what other rules would he be willing to break as a congressman?” 

Veterans In Politics International will research other candidates as well.  Stay Tune!

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