Bill Conrad US Senate campaign manager wants women to be quiet, raise the kids, and make a sandwich!


July 5, 2023


Bill Conrad, Candidate for the 2024 US Senate race in Nevada, using what some might call a ‘MISOGYNIST’ for a Campaign Manager (Birds of a feather flock together).

I noticed a back-and-forth in a Facebook post by Natalie Thomas where she was referencing a candidate for the Clark County chair position.

In the series of comments back-and-forth, a campaign manager by the name of Joe Michael who is representing US Senate candidate Bill Conrad touts his many years of experience on many local races as well as federal races.

Joe Michael claims his knowledge of politics is much higher than that of just a single mom. Joe made a claim Natalie Thomas didn’t know anything about politics then said “Stay-at-home mom vs. a nationally successful political consultant. I win”.

Sounds like a grown child to me  Read the posts below for yourself and you be the judge.

Does Bill Conrad know his campaign manager is coming across as demeaning and disrespectful to stay-at-home moms? Some would interpret what Joe Michael said as inferring single moms are unintelligent and not able to be knowledgeable about politics.

Furthermore, Joe Michael is not even registered to vote in Nevada. Doesn’t seem like he cares much about Nevada elections or the right to vote.

As we understand it Joe Michael also has a personal vendetta against Sam Brown as described as bad blood between the two from Sam Brown’s last failed campaign run for US Senate in 2022. They parted ways and Michael wasn’t happy about it.

Is he only representing Conrad to ‘get back’ at Brown?  Time will tell.

Speaking of voting and the right to do so.  Is it true Bill Conrad did not even register to vote in Nevada and has not voted until the last election where he only voted in the general and not the primary?

We all have the right and duty to vote and he has chosen to not use that right.

In our estimation that is pure laziness and now Conrad wants to be your Senator? How can you intend to serve the people of Nevada and appear to be so uninterested in voting?

Has Conrad been a member of his county party? Has he been a member of the Republican state party? Has he been a member of any political clubs or groups in the state of Nevada? Has he attended regularly political events, and lunches and been involved in politics up until now?

Do your research and do your homework people. There are many politicians will ulterior motives.

Veterans In Politics President reached out to Joe Michael and asked him to prove; how long Bill Conrad has been a registered Republican in Nevada, How many elections has he voted in Nevada, and How long has he lived in Nevada?

This is his response:

Republican Party you might be okay with it, but the vast majority of Republican men want women to be quiet and make a sandwich and raise the kids that’s the unfortunate reality of the party that we work in most Democratic men are the same way which is why Kennedy pulls so well among democratic men and why there will never be a woman president because then pretty universally agree that our wives and girlfriends are already nags having female leaders in DC just the powers them to be more naggy. 

Nevada, why do we continue to rally around opportunist who does not have the best interest of our state?



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