Hopping from Texas to Nevada Sam Brown candidate for US Senate, has Ethics Complaint filed!

Clark County Nevada

July 11, 2023


Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) reported last month on Mark Robertson candidate for US Congress who violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

An Ethics Complaint was filed for wearing the military uniform to a political event to escalate his candidacy.

It’s unfortunate today that we have to report that the same violation and complaint was filed against Sam Brown who seeks the office of the US Senate.

Brown 39, began his political career in 2014 when he ran for the Texas House of Representatives.

Now for the second time, he is attempting at Nevada’s US Senate seat.

Brown seemed very comfortable wearing the military uniform in many political advertisements to promote his candidacy seeking military patriots and sympathetic voters.

But how can Brown be trusted?

Brown has demonstrated that he is willing to constantly violate the UCMJ by wearing the military uniform in his advertisements.

Brown uses the uniform to pray on military patriots and sympathetic voters to win a political seat.

What else would he be willing to compromise or violate?

Retired Criminal Court Psychologist Robert Medoff, who filed the claim; has this to say “I respect the man and the sacrifices he endured, but I don’t trust him as a politician to represent us”.

Veterans In Politics International will research other candidates as well.  Stay Tune!

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