The Silver State Top Recycled Failed Candidate for US Senate!


The Great State of Nevada

May 8, 2023


Veterans In Politics International Video Internet Talk-Show (VIPVITS) invited Jim Marchant to our talk show to discuss politics in Nevada.

Marchant was scheduled to be on the program Wednesday, May 3rd. The day before the program Marchant canceled because he announced his candidacy for US Senate the day before.

VIPVITS decided to put on a show without him (click on the video link:

The host wondered about a hoorah of issues since Marchant is running as a Republican.

The host brought up many issues as to why Marchant would not succeed in winning a General election against Democratic US Senator Jacky Rosen.

Jim Marchant 3-time loser:

2018 Nevada State Assembly Race:

In 2018, Marchant was unopposed in the Republican primary, but narrowly lost his re-election campaign for Assembly District 37 to Shea Backus, a Democrat, by a vote of 14,222 to 14,087. Click on the link below to view Jim Marchants 2017 voting record in the Assembly not much to see here.

2020 US Congressional Race:

Marchant ran for the U.S. House to represent Nevada’s 4th congressional district in 2020. He won the Republican Primary with 34.8% of the vote,[12] but lost the General Election against incumbent Democrat Steven Horsford by a margin of 50.7% to 45.8%.[13] After losing the election, he sued to have the result reversed, alleging voter fraud claims.[1] Marchant’s request was denied by a Clark County District Court judge on November 20, 2020.[14] On his Nevada Secretary of State campaign website, Marchant claims he “was a victim of election fraud”.[15]

2022 Nevada Secretary of State Race:

Marchant won the Republican primary, receiving 37.6% of the vote, while Jesse Haw finished in second place with 20.3%.[22] He lost to Democrat Cisco Aguilar in the general election.[23]

Just by observing his last 3 elections running for office every two years and losing in every General election. Makes you wonder if Marchant has a job and if so where?

Maybe running for office is his job!

The host broke it down and said that if Marchant was in the private sector he would have gotten fired not promoted, because running for US Senate is a promotion.

Like Donald Trump said, “Why are we supporting LOSERS”!

The Establishment Party:

During last year’s election Jessie Law Clark County Republican Chairman appeared on the VIPVITS and the host asked about the existence of the Establishment Pary, the people behind the scenes who makes decisions on who is going to run for office (see article and video Veterans In Politics International questions Clark County GOP Chairman, Jesse Law, about the “Establishment Party”. – Veterans In Politics International).

In other words, the Establishment Party would put up a Republican challenger in the primary to “dry up the well” so the other serious party candidates will be defeated in the primary. Their Republican challenger will then advance to the General election, just to be defeated. This will usher in another term for the Democrats and the Establishment Party will switch off whenever is convenient.

MeToo Movement:

#MeToo[a] is a social movement against sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and rape culture, in which people publicize their experiences of sexual abuse or sexual harassment.

The host explained that women are taking over the political arena and our judicial bench, take a look at the last few elections.

Even Former Republican President Donald Trump has appointed more female Judges than any GOP President and lags behind former Democratic President Barack Obama(see the article

The host made a public service announcement pleading to Republicans that despite our political parties women stick together (see video

Women have been fighting for equal rights, equal pay, the right to vote, and the right to work, and they have been banned together for years. In other words, women would cross over political parties just to vote for another woman.

The host explained that it will take a woman Republican to win the general election.

In Closing:

The host spoke about Jim Marchant’s failed business practice and Marchant is not vested in our state, like other candidates in the race for US Senate.

After a background check on Jim Marchant, we couldn’t find any children listed in our public schools. Does he have children?

We couldn’t find any business in his name, we couldn’t find any property in his name, we couldn’t find any military service in his name.

How long has Jim Marchant lived in Nevada?

Aren’t you tired of people coming into our state just to tell us what to do?

Click on the video link below:

3-time loser Jim Marchant lost the Assembly, Congressional, & Secretary of State runs for US Senate

Sanson VIPI Prez talks about the power of the women’s vote!

Below are Marchants answers to the questions:

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