Why Voters Must Prevent Victoria Seaman from Becoming Mayor!

Las Vegas, Nevada

June 23, 2024

Politics has always been dynamic and contentious in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Among the most controversial figures in recent history is Councilwoman Victoria Seaman. Her tenure has been marred by scandals and controversies that raise serious concerns about her suitability for higher office. As voters consider their choice for the next mayor, examining the key issues surrounding Seaman’s record and why she should not be trusted with the city’s top position is imperative.

Disrespectful and Abusive Conduct

One of the most glaring incidents in Seaman’s political career was her altercation with fellow Councilwoman Michele Fiore. The incident, which involved physical contact and yelling, was described by an investigator as “disrespectful, abusive conduct, and wholly inappropriate.” This behavior violated the City Council’s Code of Conduct, demonstrating a lack of the etiquette and professionalism expected of public officials. The altercation tarnished Seaman’s reputation and brought shame to the City Council, eroding public trust in local governance.

Legal Battles and Ethical Violations

Following the altercation, Seaman filed a lawsuit against Fiore and the City of Las Vegas, alleging assault and seeking over $15,000 in damages, plus medical expenses. This legal action further complicated her standing, highlighting a propensity to escalate conflicts rather than resolve them amicably. Moreover, Seaman’s attempts to remove Fiore from a council committee and the mayor’s suggestion that Seaman herself should consider stepping down painted a picture of a politician more focused on personal vendettas than serving her constituents.

Seaman’s behavior during this period raises serious ethical concerns. The investigator’s disrespectful and abusive conduct findings were not isolated incidents but part of a broader pattern of unethical behavior. Ethical violations in public office can have severe consequences, including fines, jail time, and lasting damage to one’s professional reputation. For someone aspiring to be mayor, such a track record is unacceptable.

Disagreement and Political Motivations

Seaman’s tenure has also been characterized by significant disagreements with fellow council members, particularly over the contentious Badlands development. Despite consistent opposition from other council members and city staff recommendations, her staunch support for the developer has raised questions about her motivations. Seaman has accused her opponents of being politically motivated, yet her actions suggest that she might be driven by personal or political interests rather than the public good.

Her attempts to negotiate a settlement in the Badlands litigation, which could have cost Las Vegas taxpayers up to $223 million, further highlight the potential financial recklessness of her decisions. The failure of these negotiations and the subsequent $48 million award to the developer demonstrate a lack of effective leadership and negotiation skills, qualities essential for a mayor.

Allegations and Conspiracy Theories

Seaman’s response to the controversies has often involved accusing the City of Las Vegas of conspiracy and cover-ups. Without substantial evidence, such claims can only serve to divide further and destabilize the political landscape. Leaders must foster unity and trust, not show discord through baseless allegations.


Victoria Seaman’s record as a councilwoman is fraught with incidents of disrespectful conduct, ethical violations, and contentious political battles. Her inability to work collaboratively with fellow council members, combined with a propensity for escalating conflicts into legal battles, demonstrates a lack of the temperament and judgment required for the mayor’s office. Moreover, her support for costly and controversial developments raises serious concerns about her fiscal responsibility and priorities.

As voters, it is crucial to elect leaders who embody integrity, professionalism, and a genuine commitment to the public good. Victoria Seaman’s history suggests that she does not meet these standards. For the future of Las Vegas, voters must consider these issues carefully and prevent Seaman from becoming mayor. The city’s leadership must be entrusted to individuals who can navigate its challenges with wisdom, fairness, and a clear vision for the common good.

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