Former Republican Chairman said, Seaman unfit for Mayor!

Victoria Seaman’s Dirty Little Secret

Liberty Watch Magazine Opinion Commentary by George E. Harris


Las Vegas, Nevada

June 30, 2024

Victoria Seaman’s Mayoral bid is clouded by significant controversy stemming from her and her husband’s lawsuit against the City of Las Vegas. Several factors suggest voters reconsider supporting her bid to become Las Vegas Mayor.

Firstly, the lawsuit itself raises questions about Seaman’s integrity and priorities. Suing the city means suing the taxpayers and her constituents, which many may view as betraying public trust. The fact that the complaints were combined under her husband John Seaman’s case number appears to be a deliberate attempt to obscure the details of her involvement. This lack of transparency is troubling, as it suggests a willingness to manipulate the system to her advantage, which is not a quality desirable in a public servant.

The protective order attached to John Seaman’s case further complicates the situation. While protective orders can be standard in legal proceedings, the specific redactions in John Seaman’s deposition raise suspicions. The order indicates that family matters were off-limits, hinting that the redacted portions could contain potentially embarrassing or damaging information about the Seamans. Such secrecy fuels public mistrust, as voters might reasonably question what is hidden and why. The perception of withholding information can be detrimental, especially for a public figure who should prioritize accountability and transparency.

Moreover, the financial aspect of the lawsuit settlement is concerning. While the settlement amount remains undisclosed, sources suggest that Victoria Seaman received over $250,000, paid in increments to avoid city council scrutiny. This arrangement, if true, is highly problematic. It indicates a lack of transparency and an attempt to circumvent public oversight, undermining the democratic process. Voters have a right to expect their elected officials to be open about financial dealings, particularly those involving taxpayer money. The secrecy surrounding the settlement payments can be seen as a severe breach of trust.

The ongoing lawsuit that Seaman has filed against the city further exacerbates the situation. Case number A-22-858925-C, described by critics as a “shameless money grab,” paints a picture of a politician more interested in personal gain than public service. This perception is damaging and casts doubt on Seaman’s motivations and priorities. If voters believe she is using her position to enrich herself rather than serve the community, they will likely withdraw their support.

Additionally, Seaman’s actions reflect poorly on her ethical standards. Public officials are expected to act with integrity and prioritize the welfare of their constituents. The legal maneuvers, the redactions, and the financial settlements all point to a pattern of behavior that prioritizes personal interest over public duty. This is not the kind of leadership that fosters trust or confidence among voters.

Voters should consider the implications of electing Victoria Seaman as our next mayor in light of the controversies surrounding her legal actions against the City of Las Vegas. The lawsuit, combined with the lack of transparency, the financial settlements, and the ongoing legal disputes, all suggest a behavior inconsistent with the ethical standards expected of a public servant. Voters deserve transparent, accountable representatives primarily focused on serving the public good. Seaman’s actions raise serious doubts about her ability to fulfill these expectations, making a solid case for voters to seek alternative candidates who can better uphold the integrity and trust essential for effective public service. GEH

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