Seven third party US Presidential candidates flock to Las Vegas from across the nation for a debate

Las Vegas, Nevada

Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) will host the first time ever third Party US Presidential Debate at Rhythm Kitchen Restaurant on Wednesday May 11, 2016 from 6 to 9pm.

Located at: 6435 South Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89118/ On the Second Floor in the Banquette Room/Between Russell Road and the 215 Freeway (South)/ (702) 767-8438.

The Moderator will be John Moore Nevada State Assemblyman. There will be a three member panel made up of Monti Levy Nevada Attorney, Tim Petarra US Army and Karen Steelmon Veterans In Politics.

This debate will be videotaped and open to the public.

There will be a Meet & Greet of each third party Presidential candidates and your local candidates from 8-9PM.

Sponsored by Rhythm Kitchen Restaurant and the Ron Q. Foundation.

The following Presidential Candidates will be in attendance:


Meet Dr. Marc Allan Feldman – Libertarian For President, 2016

A government is a lethal weapon. It must be kept under control by the people. Our government is out of control. Out of control spending. Out of control debt. Out of control penal system. Out of control surveillance. Out of control drone warfare. I know only four ways to control government: bribery with billions of dollars, massive civil disobedience, armed insurrection, or voting. I say, VOTE! The wealthy special interests and corporations that run this country want you to vote for a traditional political party, or stay home. I am not a famous person, just a physician from Cleveland Ohio with a love for this country and our Constitution and a desire to set things right. Balance the budget. Put more limits on government and take limits off people. End the stupid war on marijuana and end mass incarceration. Let our overseas troops and non-violent drug offenders rejoin their families. Vote Dr. Marc Allan Feldman for President of the United States. Thank you for your support.


I am an independent candidate with a clear platform — Fix Government, Build Peace: transform federal agencies while building peace here at home and around the world.

I worked as an organizational psychologist inside federal agencies for 32 years, including 6½ years on the White House Partnership to Reinvent Government. My vision is an America that works for everyone with no one left out. My goals include 25 million new jobs; world-class public health; community policing; fair taxation; compassionate immigration; 100% clean energy; honoring our commitments to veterans, seniors and Native Americans; a true 21st century economy; and foreign policies that recognize We the People are wiser than warfare.
My 7-track plan will accomplish that: Cut 1 Trillion Dollars of Government Waste and Invest those Savings in our Communities; Multiply Solutions; Transform Federal Agencies; Build Partnerships; Communicate Honestly; Measure the Truth; and Build Peace.

I know federal agencies: what works, what doesn’t, what changes to make. For example, the Department of Justice mission emphasizes “control, enforcement and punishment.” That won’t solve mass incarceration, school-to-prison pipelines or community-police tensions. We must change missions, re-set priorities, insert new requirements in budgets and reverse policies that grow poverty, lousy schools, unemployment and incarceration.

That transformation work must be done in every federal agency using Citizen Summits so We the People shape federal priorities. Our 21st century challenge is creating a more perfect union — bringing together diverse points of view to generate new strength. My White House will: Transform America by Transforming Government.


Chris Keniston, the third-generation of his family to serve in our country’s armed forces, has been a passionate advocate for ethical government. As a veteran who swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution on four separate occasions, he strongly believes in protecting and preserving the Constitutional liberties and individual freedoms of every US citizen, so that we may live according to our beliefs and have the opportunity to pursue any life path we choose within a minimal framework of Constitutional laws.

Deacon Taylor, a former soldier, is adept at getting the job done through organizing and working with groups. He looks forward to being a partner in moving the current government in a new direction. With his fresh ideas and work ethic, he will honorably fulfill the role of Vice-President.

Rhett White Feather Smith | LIBERTARIAN PARTY

Each American has an opportunity to take a stand for freedom and to create her (or his) own individual Blueprint reshaping our world!
More than other parties, our Libertarian party offers the best opportunity for Peacebuilding over warmongering…communicating “freedom and liberation” over “slavery and oppression.”

Many non-white Americans and Women everywhere have suffered and are oppressed today!

Your only candidate advocating –Equality of human rights (incl. equal pay); “First Amendment” freedoms in global/foreign policy; “Apology for slavery” and for “the exploitation of Native Americans,” see State of Virginia Resolution, (Feb’07); Education Reform — concerning indigenous identity.

American Veteran for Veterans…the only candidate addressing all the issues!

Our Libertarian platform is not dogmatic…rather, favoring ‘individual freedom’ concerning “pro-life, pro-choice”, compared to other “party platforms,”…ours is the most life-favoring platform!

This nation can only be stronger when all join together, respecting every ethnic identity and religion…anything less, creates division. A country united for the purpose of advancing and education its people is not a country that manipulates “indigenous” history.

America’s history is consecrated by the blood of those whose sacrifices made it possible (the Medal of Honor recipients)…to arrive at the threshold of America’s greatness!

To continue building that nation, we must abide by the inscription etched upon the Statue of Liberty…whose words echo around the world!


When I am elected President I will follow to the best of my ability, the Holy Bible, and the Constitution of the United States, in that order, with the Bible being first in order, in accordance with the First Amendment. I will do my best to please all voters, but the Bible and the Constitution of the United States will be my main guide.

Any operational guides will be to follow the Bible and the Constitution of The United States.

Any laws must line up under both the Bible and the Constitution.

All existing laws, and rules, that do not meet the Bible and Constitutional standard will be removed by Executive Order, and proper legal rules.
Party Politics will only be considered if they meet the Bible and Constitution approval.

While I am President all meetings will be opened with the salute to the American Flag, and begun and closed in Judeo- Christian Prayer, with the reminder that all oaths of office are binding until death.


Re-institute the WPA (Works Progress Administration) and rebuild America’s infrastructure. End joblessness, homelessness and insure all Americans have health and dental care within the first year of my presidency. Secure our borders within 30 days. Within the first 90 days we will have immigration reform. Within the first term of office we will have a balanced budget, secure prison reform, a new tax code with a 17% flat tax with generous deductions, and college or trade school education for all Americans on the state level provided by unions, trade schools, or state universities. A two-year service commitment if the American cannot pay for this education themselves. If they can’t afford to pay Americans will serve with the Vista volunteers, Peace Corps, the public health system, or the military. America will convert to a hydrogen economy, actively mine our landfills and cleaned up our waterway to a pristine environment. Increase tariffs on foreign goods to insure domestic product advantage at home.
I believe that the United States is the greatest country since the beginning of humanity. Although we do have our faults no one has gone further to protect the rights of others than we have in the United States. Now we are at the precipice of the future, to determine whether or not humanity as a species continues. Join me and let’s set our sights to glorious future then go there together.

Sedinam Moyowasifsa-Curry | GREEN PARTY

My objective in joining the Green Party was and is about building a permanent third political party in the United States of America that is neither funded nor controlled by corporations and corporate interests. For the past 14 years I’ve worked within the Green Party to emphasize a direct action strategy and a tactical plan within the current traditional electoral political system that is geared toward children, youth, women, people of color, immigrants, independents and progressives in a clear and measurable manner. In 2008 I sought to be the Green Party Vice-Presidential Nominee as a direct method to set up a national leadership training program for People of Color to ensure “we” would be equipped to lead the Green Party and our nation long term.

Our campaign platform centers around 5 major initiatives: Dismantling and ending capitalism and its unrelenting assault on Mother Earth in the name of profit. We support the Green Economy Path to community ownership in all basic essentials; Overcoming the Doctrine of Discovery which has been used to support decisions invalidating or ignoring aboriginal possession of land in favor of colonial or post-colonial governments; Ending White Privilege/Supremacy and Patriarchal systems of control; Focusing on children and youth; Increasing global cooperation and grass-roots democracy by joining the Universal African People Organization five year plan for proportional representation.

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