Jiah R. Roselli & Larissa Drohobyczer to appear on the Veterans In Politics talk show

Moving and Expanding the Veterans In Politics Media Program

“Veterans In Politics Talk Show joined All New Media”

“Veterans In Politics Talk Show” (Roselli & Drohobyczer)

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Congratulations to all the candidates that have advanced to the general elections!


 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA– – Veterans In Politics Talk Show proudly announces that Jiah R. Roselli will discuss mortgage loans and Larissa Drohobyczer Nevada Attorney specialize in Family/Estate Planning & Probate

to appear on the “Veterans In Politics” internet talk-show as a special guest on Saturday – June 25, 2016 from 2-3pm PT. Listen and watch LIVE on “Veterans In Politics Talk Show joined All New Media”.


For more than a decade the non-partisan “Veterans In Politics Talk-Show” (VIP Talk-Show) has informed listeners about national veteran and political issues.


Past guests include active duty and veterans from all branches, authors, business owners, organization heads and political candidates and incumbents representing all parties from federal, state and local government branches.


The listening audience spans nationally and reaches a demographic of every gender, age and socioeconomic background. The VIP Talk-Show has become a trusted source of information and excerpts from past episodes have been quoted and published in reports of media and investigations of government agencies. Achievements include awards and special recognitions from countless non-profit organizations, Mayors and City Councils plus schools.


Listen to hosts Steve Sanson, Jim Jonas and co-host Troy Warren and Christina Ortiz plus special guests co-hosts live during the VIP Talk-Show on every Saturday from 1400-1500 (2:00pm-3:00pm PT) on All New Media.



Jiah R. Roselli will discuss mortgage loans

jiah roselli



Larissa Drohobyczer Nevada Attorney specialize in Family/Estate Planning & Probate

larissa drohobyczer





Congratulations to our endorsed candidates that will advance to the General Election some will advance by themselves and already declared the winner of this year’s election:


Danny Tarkanian         -Congressional District 3

Victoria Seaman          -State Senate District 6

John Piro                      -State Assembly District 4

Melody Howard          -State Assembly District 14

Brent Jones                   -State Assembly District 35

Jim Marchant               -State Assembly District 37

Michael Wixom           -University Board of Regent District 6

John Moran                  -University Board of Regent District 13

Annette “Anat” Levy   -District Court Judge Department 20

Richard Vaughan         -Trustee Clark County District A

Linda E. Young           -Trustee Clark County District C

Melissa A. Saragosa    -Justice of the Peace Department 4

Bita Yeager                   -Justice of the Peace Department 6

Amy Joanne Chelini    -Justice of the Peace Department 14

Lisa Krasner                 -State Assembly District 26

Chris Carver                 -Carson City Mayor

Jenny Breckhus           -Reno City Council Ward 1

Vaughn Hartung          -Washoe County Commissioner Ward 4

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