Our country is going down the toilet!

Folks really anyone that leaves Americans to die without lifting a finger is a traitor to our country! If you take over any American property or kill American dignitaries this is a Declaration of War. PERIOD!  If you willfully or neglectfully risk the lives of American Secrets by placing Confidential to Top Secret information outside of a protected government data base. You will lose your clearance and be prosecuted to the full extent of Federal Law… PERIOD!  If you lie to the government or any municipal, state or federal entity, you will be prosecuted for perjury. PERIOD! MY GOD people because you want a woman or because you hate the Republican or don’t know about the Libertarian or any other presidential candidate for that matter that does not make this CRIMINAL, Presidential material. What kind of example are we setting on the WORLD STAGE or for young Americans?

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Steve Sanson

President of Veterans In Politics International


702 283 8088


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