Tragedy in America

We are mourning the untimely and tragic death of the two senseless killings of (Philando Castile & Alton Sterling). These two citizens died by the hands of law enforcement.

rise up

We are also mourning the untimely and tragic death of the five Dallas Police Officers who were killed by the hands of a Reserved Army Veteran. This latter incident is a direct result of retaliation due to the fact that solutions to ensure accountability within the police departments fall greatly short in many cities.


When an incident appears to be unjust or unfair towards citizens, solutions and accountability as well as transparency needs to occur. We need to have justice and solutions in place quickly so officers will not feel that they are beyond approach and so citizens know that an officer who violates the law will be held accountable and that justice will prevail.


When this is not a priority and not happening it is inevitable that uprising and senseless tragedy will come to fruition in this country.

police dallas

We cannot continue the same path, with the same people, and the same poor decisions and expect a different result.


Steve Sanson

President of Veterans In Politics International

702 283 8088

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