Everyone can be ethical when it’s easy- In a must see video interview Anat Levy discusses the differences between herself and her opponent for Clark County District Court Dept. 20

Anat Levy says: The trust of the people in the court is vital for democracy to move forward


On the Veterans In Politics talk show Saturday October 22nd we had three guests: Anat Levy candidate for Clark County District Court Department 20, Janine Hansen candidate for Nevada State Senate District 19 and Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen Congresswoman Representing America Samoa on World Wide Digital Broadcasting Corp.


In the most controversial Clark County District Court race Anat Levy compares herself to her opponent (that was appointed to the bench by Governor Sandoval to fill in for now Nevada Appellate Court Judge Jerome Tao).


Anat Levy’s opponent is running misleading commercials, representing that she was a Beverly Hills attorney with no trial experience. Levy has tried hundreds of cases in California, both criminal and civil.


Most people fail to understand that Nevada law is largely modeled after California and some Arizona law.  Levy has never had to have any trial in Nevada, because all her cases settled.


Levy is licensed in both Nevada and California, two of the most difficult states to pass the Bar Exam.


Clark County Nevada, is made up of folks from all 50 states and several countries, so we don’t understand why her opponent would think that voters will only use that as a reason to disqualify Levy from becoming a judge in Clark County.


In a video radio interview starting at 21:56



Levy disclosed the following about her opponent:


  1. a)     He has no civil experience in any state:
  2. b)    He has always worked for the Government, no private sector:
  3. c)     He has never signed the front of a check:
  4. d)    He has obtained campaign donations from open cases:
  5. e)     He gets paid even if he loses cases:
  6. f)      He misled the Nevada Judicial Selection Commission on his application for an appointment to the Bench:
  7. g)     He claimed on his application about his five most significant cases in his career, but he failed to mention on his application to the committee that he was taking off the case and investigated twice by the US Justice Department:
  8. h)    The entire Nevada Justice of the Peace wrote an amicus brief against him on the topic of recalling judges:
  9. i)       Nepotism on the same District Court Bench would bring two recusals instead of one with a husband and wife team:




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