Our Veterans are Forgotten

It is absolutely terrifying on how we treat our military veterans in this country.


Every election year politicians waive the veteran flag and after November 8th, we are forgotten again until the next election.


In California 10,000 Guardsmen and women were being forced to pay back their enlistment bonus. The bonus that the government signed as a contract giving them the money in good faith.


Here in Las Vegas we have Irene Miller a 95 year old disabled wheelchair bound Navy veteran whom our government has stopped her military pension because they overpaid her, forcing her into debt causing her to be evicted out of her home.


While our government takes our tax dollars to rebuild other countries, gives billions of dollars to our enemies in ransom payments, spends billions on wars, and leaves our veterans in disarray and willing to open our country to refuges.


How can we as a country attract American men and women to be a part of our Armed forces if we as a nation continue to turn our backs on them when they take off the uniform?


We as a cohesive veterans will unite to help Ms. Miller spearheaded by Mike Edwards in an effort to make sure we leave no veteran behind.


Steve Sanson

President of Veterans In Politics International

US Marine Corps Gulf War Disabled Veteran


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