Clark County Family Court Judge willfully deceives a young child from the bench and it is on the record

Case sealed five days “after” we exposed the unlawful behavior of Family Court Judge Rena Hughes


Clark County Nevada; in a recent article “Deplorable actions by Family Court Judge Rena Hughes against a minor child”.


On October 6, 2016 the Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) highlighted the actions of Family Court Judge Hughes in three separate videos.

After doing more research we discovered that Judge Hughes actually lied to this young child in open court.


Judge Hughes made the following statement: “it’s not fun in Child Haven, they put you in a holding cell, exactly like a jail”…

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Part 3 threatened the minor child with Child Haven


After speaking to the Manager of Child Haven, we were told that this statement made by the Judge is false.


Child Haven Website:


Child Haven Facebook site:


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Part 1 on the Record


Part 2 Heart wrenching video between the Judge Hughes and a minor defenseless child.


How can a parent helplessly watch their child be chastised by anyone?

Andre Haynes, host of the EMG Radio Show and officer of Veterans In Politics said the following:

When I watched the video of the minor child having a discussion on the record with Family Court Judge Rena Hughes without a parent or child advocate being present, I was shocked and in disagreement.  After I saw the manner that Judge Hughes handled the minor child and the child’s fearful and distraught emotional reaction, I was angry.  I was angry because I pictured my 7 year old son in the same seat as the minor girl, without me, without his mom, without a child advocate and without an attorney.  Minor children are often terrified to speak to adults, especially without their parent or someone familiar present and especially if the adult is perceived to be an authority figure. 

Does the law allow for Judge Hughes to interview and interrogate a minor child without their parent or an attorney or child advocate present?  If the law does allow this are there exceptions to this rule?  Is there another way that Judge Hughes could have handled this manner?  Those are questions that replay in my mind.  My heart goes out to the minor child and especially to her mother.  The worst feeling that a parent can experience is being helpless to defend their vulnerable child.  If it were my 7 year old son in that video, helpless, distraught and angry is exactly how I would feel.  Does the law and a Judge’s behavior take precedence or hold more value than the emotions and perceived fear of a child or a parent’s ability to protect their child? 

We commend Channel 8 I-Team for taking a proactive approach to expose this judge: I-Team: Judge criticized for exchange with child


It was also reported that in the I-Team news coverage that the records were sealed on October 11th five days after we made these videos public.

In an unrelated story we exposed how Judges and Lawyers seal cases to cover their own bad behaviors. This is definitely an example of that.

See article:

Law Frowns on Nevada Attorney Jennifer Abrams’ “Seal-Happy” Practices—Seal-Happy–Practices.html?soid=1119987097423&aid=72nUXCzZGGM


Questions and Recommendations

Is this the type of behavior we should continue to expect from our judicial system?

Should judges continue to cover-up and down-play their colleague’s bad behaviors?

Does this Family Court Judge have children of her own?

Should this Judge be reprimanded for this?


If you believe that this Judge should face sanctions or/and a public apology join us and file a complaint with the Nevada Judicial Discipline Commission by clicking onto the link below:


State of Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline:


Any Judge that willfully deceives a child and especially on the record should be tossed off the bench!

Please watch the videos in full and come to your own conclusion.

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