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Veterans In Politics proudly announces Burke Hall will discuss the judicial abuse by the hands of Family Court Judge Sandra Pomrenze and the Department of Family Services and Charles McChesney will discuss NLP (Nuero Linguistic Programming), all will appear as a special guest on the Veterans In Politics internet video talk-show Saturday, June 2, 2018.


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The VIP Talk-Show is a trusted source of information. For more than a decade, Steve Sanson, Jim Jonas , co-hosts Lena Ocasio and Mantis Toboggan and guest co-host Christina Ortiz have informed the listeners about important local and national issues. Not only do they discuss major national issues, but they also bring public’s attention to multiple local issues affecting our community that other news sources choose to ignore. Past guests are politicians, candidates running for public office, organization leaders, published authors, business owners and citizens. VIP‘s involvement in local affairs has led to investigations of multiple government agencies and corrupt individuals. VIP received special recognition and multiple awards from government officials and non-profit organizations.


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Thank a Military Veteran This Memorial Day

 There is nothing “Happy” about Memorial Day, this is a day to remember all the men and women that gave their lives for this country.




Burke Hall will discuss the judicial abuse by the hands of Family Court Judge Sandra Pomrenze and the Department of Family Services




Charles McChesney will discuss NLP (Nuero Linguistic Programming)




Recorded Videos of United States Congress Districts 1, 3, Nevada State Controller, Attorney General, & State Senate Districts 2 and 20.




Litigants Corner

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Michael Mcdonald‘s bail of $100,000 was posted on Saturday May 19th and Clark County Detention Center won’t release him, because they need to call his roommates and the owner of the house he is staying to place him on “House Arrest”, they also won’t give him his cell phone to provide these numbers.

McDonald’s bail was posted five days ago and yes there is no refund on bail.

Isn’t Justice Grand?

There are people that have committed bodily harm, attempted murder, and negligent homicide get less bail, release when bail is posted, and no house arrest!

This could happen to you, so don’t dismiss it!


Opinion Corner


Candidates will do anything to win an election, even change their last name.

Irene Cepeda, formerly known as Irene Zepeda, changed her name on February 26, 2018, and filed for candidacy on March 12, 2018, 14 days later, to run in a four-way race for Clark County School Board Trustee District D against Kevin L. Child.

If she kept her name as Zepeda, it would place her last on the ballot.

Voters are more likely to vote for a candidate listed first on the ballot.

Changing her name to Cepeda placed her first on the ballot.

Deceitful? I think so. Would a deceitful person be a good choice for School Board Trustee?

I wonder what her parents are saying.




Veterans In Politics International Official Endorsement 2018





Steve Sanson
President of Veterans In Politics International


War Declared On the Clark County Family Court System


He Defended Us, Let’s defend Him!




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Veterans In Politics proudly announces Richard E. Hawkins candidate for Nevada State Assembly District 18 (Endorsed by Veterans In Politics) and Jim Small candidate for Nevada State Assembly District 2 (Endorsed by Veterans In Politics), all will appear as a special guest on the Veterans In Politics internet video talk-show




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