Medical Sergeant gunning for the Nevada State University Board of Regent

The Board of Regents oversees all state higher education in Nevada


Veterans In Politics International interviewed Dr. Nick Spirtos Medical Doctor oncology specialist a candidate for University Regent District 5 a nonpartisan elected office. Dr. Spirtos has 23 members of his family that are medical professionals. Dr. Spirtos has saved many of our citizen’s lives from cancer for many years and he would like to put his life-saving skills into being a board member for our higher education.  Dr. Spirtos is the founder of the Women’s Cancer Center of Nevada with several partners (see link:

Dr. Spirtos would like to focus on the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine and Family Medicine University of Reno to influence our young mines in an effort to create lifesaving medical professionals. Dr. Spirtos would like the Universities to become more involved in Braille and Neurology in an effort to have the medical industry become a worldwide attraction for the state of Nevada. In addition, Dr. Spirtos would like to work closely with the Veterans Administration Southern Nevada Healthcare System.


This life-saving doctor has a brilliant mind and a lover of animals, Dr. Spirtos has four Great Dane’s he calls family members.

In closing, it gives the Veterans In Politics International great pleasure to endorse Dr. Nick Spirtos.


Please click on the links below to view Dr. Spirtos’s one-on-one and endorsement interviews with Veterans In Politics International.


Dr. Nick Spirtos candidate for Nevada State Board of Regent District 5 on Veterans in Politics






Las Vegas family judge wins reprieve from the high court

The mission is completed “she loses her reelection bid” enough said!

Rena Hughes spent a ton of money on her appeal. She could have gone to judicial college as ordered by the commission and have more than enough for her campaign… She could have been humble and shelf that ego… But we were hoping her ego would be more powerful than being humble… and we were correct… The assholes over at NCW said Sanson has egg on his face because the Supreme Court vindicated her… first of all, it wasn’t unanimous, second, the judicial commission investigated, prosecuted, and sanctioned her, you know how hard that is!! And finally, she is an incumbent and losses her reelection in the primary… But Sanson has egg on his face! The mission is no more Rena Hughes… mission accomplished NCW assholes!

Judicial Court Watchdog group Veterans In Politics Foundation

See link below to view the article:

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