Nevada Board of Regents candidate, Byron Brooks, fired as veteran outreach coordinator

Byron Brooks, a U.S. Army veteran and Nevada Board of Regents candidate was recently fired by Las Vegas Councilwoman Victoria Seaman as the Veteran Outreach Coordinator in a little less than a year of volunteer service. Byron Brooks was responsible for conducting outreach and engagement with Veterans and their families who reside in Ward 2. According to Byron Brooks’ Linked In page, it appears that he is often fired from organizations or quits within one a half year including Veterans In Politics International, CTC, Inc., Senate Subcommittee, and more.

In June 2020, several veterans donated food to staff members of the City of Las Vegas in honor of supporting local employees and encouraging them during the government-mandated shutdown due to COVID-19. An Air Force veteran and Marine veteran asked Byron Brooks to take a picture with them for a veteran’s newspaper to show support for veterans. Byron Brooks angrily told the veterans that he does not support them nor the veteran’s organization that they belong to or condone their community support of veterans. The veteran’s organization that Byron Brooks referred to is the Armed Forces Chamber of Commerce. The Armed Forces Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to recruit, train, and equip Armed Forces members ready to serve, lead, and succeed in business. The Armed Forces Chamber is the “Business Voice for Armed Forces members” in Southern Nevada is a member trade association that has served 500+ Armed Forces members since 2017. The Armed Forces Chamber represents Armed Forces members active in all categories of business throughout Southern Nevada. As America’s first Chamber with military-inspired operations and Nevada’s first Chamber formed to serve Armed Forces Members, the Armed Forces Chamber has become the leader in the advocacy, education, training, and support of Armed Forces members who are business owners. The Armed Forces Chamber is the largest Southern Nevada business association formed to serve Armed Forces members.


Byron Brooks disgraceful and repulsive treatment of two veterans at Las Vegas City Hall proved to be the final straw for Las Vegas Councilwoman Victoria Seaman and the City of Las Vegas which led to his firing. The behavior and opinions of Byron Brooks are contrary to the mission, opinion, and viewpoints of the City of Las Vegas and especially the Nevada Board of Regents. An independent reporter for a local veteran’s prints newspaper unsuccessfully attempted to contact Byron Brooks for a comment about his firing as veteran outreach coordinator for the City of Las Vegas and about whether or not he will mistreat JROTC cadets plus veterans who attend or plan to attend Nevada’s colleges and universities.

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