Hometown Hero runs for the Clark County Commission

Local Government is when the rubber hits the road


Clark County Nevada

September 1, 2020



Veterans In Politics video internet talk-show interviewed Las Vegas City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Stavros Anthony a candidate for Clark County Commission District C. After 29 years with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Stavros Anthony moved through the ranks and retired as a Captain.


Stavros has a Masters in Political Science and has a Ph.D. in Sociology he received his education at University Nevada Las Vegas. Elected to the Nevada University Board of Regents twice and currently serving as Las Vegas City Councilman Ward 4 in his final term of office and appointed twice Mayor Pro Tem.


Dr. Anthony is fully rounded enjoys local government, he knows his district like the back of his hand.  This would be an easy transition from City Council to the Clark County Commission.


Dr. Anthony enjoys helping his constituents no matter what political party or class of citizen you are, he is eager to help to resolve any issues that have to do with local government.


The Veterans In Politics is honored to Endorse Dr. Stavros Anthony for Clark County Commission District C, and we are hoping in the near future that Dr. Anthony considers being a candidate for Clark County Sheriff.


Click onto Dr. Stavros Anthony website:


Elect Stavros Anthony Clark County Commission District C




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Click onto the link to view the video interview:


Stavros Anthony LV City Councilman & candidate for Clark County Commissioner Dist. C on VIP Talk



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