Nathan Atkins Army Veteran now a candidate for North Las Vegas Mayor!

Clark County Nevada

August 15, 2021


Veterans In Politics video internet talk show interviewed Nathan Atkins an Army Veteran, Businessman, not a career politician, and candidate for North Las Vegas Mayor.

North Las Vegas is the 4th largest city in Nevada. According to the 2020 senses, North Las Vegas has a population of 265,224 people with only 8 percent of that population decides their city government leaders.

Atkins came from a long line of family tradition by serving our country in the United States military. Atkins served eight years in the United States Army and was discharged as a combat veteran by serving in Desert Storm.

If elected Atkins would be the only military veteran on the North Las Vegas City Council.

We discussed the North Las Vegas Police Department (NLVPD) at great length. Atkins said that as Mayor he would volunteer to do a “Ride Along” program with NLVPD officers.

Atkins said the best way to know what’s going on, you have to spend time in the field and talk to the people. Atkins said that’s the best way to serve the people.

Atkins said, “Garbage doesn’t care what your political party is, it just needs to be picked up”.

Atkins said he believes in Community Partnership that businesses should partner with the city and help educate the children in North Las Vegas. Atkins said that we should develop a direct partnership with business and the city of North Las Vegas, by building a bridge.

We discussed a hurray of issues such as the Chief of Police, the City Manager, the City Attorney, the school’s within North Las Vegas, the North Las Vegas Judicial System, the infrastructure, bringing business and residents to North Las Vegas, the homeless issue, transparency, and public health and public safety.

Atkins answered all of our questions head-on with forethought and intelligence, we didn’t receive any political answer. We received honest and thoughtful answers with new ideas and visions.

Atkins said that North Las Vegas should be a city to “Live, Work, and Play” and be assessable to its constituency.


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Nathan Atkins Army Veteran now a candidate for North Las Vegas Mayor on Veterans In Politics Talk with special cohost Giano Amado


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