Constitutionalist Brenda Flank seeks to be a fresh face on the LV Council Ward 4!

Clark County Nevada

January 5, 2022


Veterans In Politics video internet talk show interviewed Brenda Flank candidate for Las Vegas City Council Ward 4.

Flank is a native Las Vegan born and raised.  Flank said that her parents were JFK Democrats. Flank once a Democrat changed her party affiliation to Republican in 1979.

Flank said reducing crime is one of her many concerns for Ward 4 and continues by saying Metro can not stop crime. Flank said that residents need to learn how to protect themselves and added that she doesn’t want to see Metro a police department turn into a social program.

Flank would like to see the police force supported and funded. Flank said that all city council members should be well informed and not look like ambassadors for their ward.

Flank said her second concern is small businesses being shut down due to Covid and finding resources to help the small business. Flank a survivor of Covid understands the seriousness of the virus and vice versa with the struggling small business.

Flank said as a Patient Advocate she ensures that information is presented to the patient.

Flank is also a resident of Sun City Summerlin.

Flank said that her business background makes her a valuable asset to the council.

Flank then explained how the virus placed our school children in a type of solitary confinement.

Flank can not give enough praise to our police department. Flank then described how crime skyrockets where there is no police present. Flank was disappointed in the lack of community involvement for Metro’s First Tuesday. She encourages residents to be involved in Metro’s Neighborhood Watch Program.

Flank a Constitutionalist said she would never step on anyone’s rights and we should embrace American history. Flank continues by saying “we should teach our children the truth about our country and stop teaching our children to hate our country because it stands for freedom and liberties, we should cherish that”.

Flank said that Badlands deal to this day I can not figure out how the council could agree to disenfranchise a landowner who was already zoned to do what he wanted to do.

In Closing:

The Host recognized both US Senator Harry Reid and Clark County Commissioner Myrna Williams and expressed condolence for their loss (photos featured below).


Please click on Flank’s website for additional information.

Brenda Flank for City Council Ward 4

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Brenda Flank candidate for Las Vegas City Council Ward 4 on the Veterans In Politics Video talk-show

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