Veterans In Politics International Endorsement 2022

Veterans In Politics International Endorsement 2022
The worse thing you can do is allow the minority to decide for the majority. Educate yourself on the candidates running for office.
Federal Seat:
US Senate
Sharelle Mendenhall
US Congress District 2
Mark Amodei
US Congress District 3
Noah V. Malgeri
US Congress District 4
Sam Peters

State Seats:

Nevada Governor
Joseph “Joey” Gilbert
Nevada Lieutenant Governor
Stavros Anthony
Nevada Secretary Of State
Richard Scotti
Nevada Attorney General
Sigal Chattah
Nevada State Treasurer
Michele Fiore
State Senate Seats:
Nevada State Senate District 2
David Gomez
Nevada Assembly Seats:
Nevada Assembly District 8
Claudia Maria Kintigh
Nevada Assembly District 9
John Gonzalez
Nevada Assembly District 13
Vem Miller
Nevada Assembly District 16
Benjamin Donlon
Nevada Assembly District 23
Dan Lier
Nevada Assembly District 28
Reuben D’Silva
Nevada Assembly District 29
Joe Dalia
Nevada Assembly District 34
Mary Lim
Board of Regent:
Nevada Board of Regents District 8
Aaron Manfredi
Clark County Seats:
Clark County Commissioner District F
Drew Johnson
Clark County Commissioner District G
Billy Mitchell
Clark County District Attorney
Timothy Treffinger
Clark County Assessor
Briana Johnson
Clark County Clerk
Lynn Marie Goya
Clark County Treasurer
Kevin L. Child
Clark County Recorder
Hunter Cain
Clark County Public Administrator
Patrick Casale
School Board Seats:
Clark County School Board Trustee District F
Jay “Coach” Calhoun
Clark County School Board Trustee District G
Kenneth “KC” Freels

Judicial Seats:

Justice of the Peace Department 7
Amy Wilson
Justice of the Peace Department 9
Danielle “Pieper” Chio
Justice of the Peace Department 13
Suzan Baucum
Justice of the Peace Department 16
Agnes Montebon Botelho
Municipal Seats:
Boulder City Mayor
Kiernan McManus
Boulder City Council
Cokie Booth
Henderson City Council Ward III
Carrie Cox
North Las Vegas Mayor
Nathan Atkins
NLV City Council Ward 1
Isaac E. Barron
NLV City Council Ward 3
Mario Mitchell
NLV Municipal Court Department 2
Courtney Ketter
Las Vegas City Councilman Ward 2
Alan Bigelow
Las Vegas City Councilman Ward 4
Robert Plummer
Las Vegas City Councilman Ward 6
Ray Spencer
State Senate:
Nevada State Senate District 13
Matthew Buehler
Nevada State Senate District 16
Lisa Krasner
Nevada State Senate District 17
Jim Wheeler
Nevada Assembly:
Nevada Assembly District 24
Dorzell King
Nevada Assembly District 25
Sam Kumar
Nevada Assembly District 26
Bret Delaire
Nevada Assembly District 27
Carmen Ortiz
Nevada Assembly District 30
Ricci Rodriguez Elkins
Nevada Assembly District 38
Vida D. Keller
Nevada Assembly District 39
Blayne Osborne
Nevada Assembly District 40
Shannon McDaniel
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