Jennifer Bandiero outraged Family Court Litigant runs for Nevada’s Board of Regents District 13

Jennifer Bandiero candidate for Nevada’s Board of Regents District 13 and Clark County Family Court Litigant, was outraged with her 6-year-old daughter Sophia at the hands of former Clark County Family Court Judge Cynthia Dianne Steel, who is also a Republican candidate for Nevada’s Congressional District 1 on the Veterans In Politics Video Internet talk-show.


A Message from Jennifer Bandiero:


DONT VOTE FOR CYNTHIA DIANNE STEEL -IF YOU WANT TO SAVE NEVADAS CHILDREN AND ULTIMATELY OUR NEXT GENERATION- The corruption matrix will just continue. She has no regard for life or children she stated multiple times (about my beautiful rainbow baby) – “ I wish I had a time portal so I could go back to the day before conception and make better decisions before that next move – Oh gee I wish I hadn’t had that child” … well, why don’t you tell all of us how you feel about our next generation?! The time is NOW to change Nevada – ultimately change our country!

This IS THE REASON I am running in this election! To be an advocate for ALLLLLL students pre-k through college graduation. I’ve personally seen the pain, torment, crisis, and devastation this generation is being put through at the hands of career politicians and I won’t stay silent! I won’t. We need an educated generation who can take on America!

Watch this powerful video:

Veterans In Politics International – Where Change Happens

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