An open letter to Voters about your Clark County District Court Judge!

The Clark County District Court race for Department 20 is between Anat Levy and her opponent Eric Johnson.


When we asked some voters why they would vote for Eric Johnson; here are some of the comments we have heard:


  • I don’t know Eric but I am friends with his wife Judge Susan Johnson.


  • I currently have a case before Susan and she will rule against me, if I don’t support her husband.


  • I currently have a case before Eric and I need a favorable result.


  • I don’t want to “rock the boat” with Susan by not supporting her husband.


These are corrupt, bias and uneducated reasons why anyone would support any Clark County District Court Judge.


If you haven’t realized Judge Susan Johnson is not running for reelection!


This is what you need to know about Eric Johnson:


  • He always worked for the Government, never worked in the private sector.


  • Never worked for or owned his own Law Practice (Anat Levy owned her practice for over ten years and knows what it is like to sign the front of a check).


  • Never did pro-bono work in the legal field.


  • An advocate for nepotism in the work place (his wife Susan Johnson is already on the same District Court Bench).


  • Between him and his wife an annual combined income of over $400,000 of tax payer’s money.


  • His wife is actively working on his campaign which is a violation of Nevada Revised Statues, Nevada Ethics and Cannon Laws.


  • Accepts campaign donations on active cases before his court and his wife’s court (pay to play mindset).


  • Perjured himself on the application to the Nevada Judicial Selection Committee for his current appointment to the bench.


  • Was investigated twice by the US Justice Department (the same agency he worked for).


  • Never practiced Civil Litigation (Anat Levy has both a Civil and Criminal legal background).


  • Never sat as a Judge in any court room (Anat Levy has over ten years actively sitting on the bench as a judicial Arbitrator and a Judge Pro-Tem).


  • He is unethical (plays politics in the courtroom and coincidentally is receiving all the high profile cases to remain in the spotlight).


  • Ruled in favor of a 1912 law to have Judges RECALLED not taking into consideration of the amendment to the Nevada State Constitution amended in 1976 for the creation of the Nevada Judicial Disciplinary Commission that oversees the discipline of Judges.


  • Appointed to the bench because the Nevada Judicial Selection Committee felt he is electable, because his wife currently sits on the bench.


“A Judges decision impacts your life on a very personal level, for the rest of your life.” Don’t you owe it to yourself and family to know who they are?”


Nevada is the 5th most corrupt State in our Union. Why, because we allow it to happen!




“Don’t forget Elect Anat”

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