Jane Ann Morrison column is “Fake News”!

Jane Ann Morrison;

I just wanted to follow up after reading all your article’s that you have done for me. I came to the conclusion that this is a deliberate attack, most of what you write you have no evidence to support your story and your articles are geared to turn public opinion against me.

In one of your articles, you wrote that my organization is a for-profit, but you are so bent out to destroy me you ignored the evidence and lack professional journalistic work. After I provided the evidence to you, you corrected it, but you didn’t provide the same attention to it as you have done with your “Fake News” (see link https://veteransinpolitics.org/2018/02/president-veterans-politics-international-inc-sent-e-mail-columnist-jane-ann-morrison-response-bias-article/).

Because of Fake News like your column, this is one of the reasons I have a hard time getting elected.

You deliberately pointed me out as a perennial candidate and you taking the worse perennial candidates to group me with. What about Danny Tarkanian and Stephen Sedlmeyer just to name a few? There is at least a dozen candidates in this election cycle that have run more than two races, but your article is a smear campaign against me.

Jane Ann Morrison I have met you once and hardly ever had a conversation with you. Why are you deliberately writing lies about me? Do you have evidence that I was “convicted” of Domestic Violence? Evidence, not another article! This is beyond journalistic work, this is beyond just exercising an opinion and a First Amendment Right issue. This is Deformation! Do you know that I have a Nevada Canceled Carry Permit for over 10 years? Do you know I was a member of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department “Use of Force Board” in 2004 and 2005?

You also mentioned that none of my complaints against a judge ended up with discipline. Do you know that my organization and I filed several complaints against Family Court Judge Rena Hughes and one of the complaints is for the Silva case, that received numerous news attention from channel 8 and 13 and now Judge Hughes is in front of the (NJDC) Nevada Judicial Discipline Commission on May 30th? Do you know that I released the video of Judge Hughes that is part of the NJDC investigation and scheduled hearing? Do you also know that I have letters from the Nevada Judicial Discipline Commission and they have disciplined judges based on the evidence that I provided them? How can you even make a claim like that in your article, when most NJDC complaints, sanctions, and investigation are confidential?

Do you know that Judge Bryce Duckworth made that statement from the bench because he knew we were investigating him and he wanted to receive enough votes to become the Preceding Judge?

The bottom line is that your smear campaign of me is tiresome and completely one-sided. You do no investigative work and you don’t even contact me to hear my side.

I have done a lot of good in this community without a paycheck for years and it all goes unnoticed because people like you decide to deliberately sabotage me for no reason.

I am tired of this. I need you to resolve this in the same fashion or more. I will give you until Sunday, April 22nd. I cannot let this one sit. If I have to get a hold of Sheldon Adelson I will.

Three perennial losing candidates try again in Southern Nevada


Three perennial losing candidates try again in Southern Nevada

Sanson’s latest complaint, like him, a political loser

Sanson’s latest complaint, like him, a political loser

Judges’ ties with Sanson have courts in tight spot

Judges’ ties with Sanson have courts in tight spot

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