Family Court Attorney said the practice of law in family court has reached a new low

Clark County Nevada
February 10, 2019
On Tuesday, February 5, 2019, Veterans In Politics Court Observers, Frank Rose, Sandra Cosey, Mama Cosey, Phillip Scicluna, and Steve Sanson observed the following Clark County District Court Judge- Family Division:

In Judge Sandra Pomrenze courtroom, attorney Rhonda Mushkin told Judge Pomrenze that “the practice of law in family court has reached a new low”.

In one part of the video, Judge Pomrenze told attorney Mushkin, “don’t yell at me”. During the years of observing this judge, this is the first time she was lost for words.

Pomrenze allowed this attorney to get away with this, but if you were a litigant or any other attorney you might have received a 15-minute scolding.

In Clark County Nevada a good ethical lawyer is extremely hard to find.

Several of the lawyers in Clark County appears to lack a backbone refusing to go up against other lawyers and judges when witnessing corrupt behaviors.

Some Judges worry that a prominent law firm or attorney might not donate to their campaign or give them a job when they retire.

Some Judges do favors for their former law partners in their courtroom, when they should have recused themselves.

Some Clark County lawyers are lawbreakers with ex-parte communication and would readily lie to you and say otherwise.

We have witnessed these lawyers doing favors for each other.

Some examples of these favors include: giving family members a job, giving each other personal financial benefits and doing ‘unethical’ favors for each other for example- “let me win this case and I will give you the next case”.

These lawyers continually worry about the next case in front of the same judge, so they don’t want to “rock the boat”.

These unethical/corrupt behavior ensure turning away from holding others accountable for corruption and normalizing these behaviors.

However, as soon as a third party speaks out against these behaviors the judges and lawyers in this loop deem you as ‘extreme’ and blackball you from the “good ole boys and girls club”.

Some of these lawyers would rob you blind, they do minimal work that they are contracted for and they will steal your money.

These lawyers will: toss a case by not filing certain motions or appeals, not argue the full extent of your case, have a conflict of interest not letting you know and will give you the bare minimum.

As the above takes place they will then act like you did something wrong as you are raped by your own lawyer.

A lot of these lawyers truly behave as “used car salesmen and women” and will sell you a bag of goods, they are incredible storytellers without a shred of evidence and should receive Hollywoods Academy awards.

In addition, most judges NEVER follow the “rule of evidence” or don’t know what that is.

These corrupt lawyers give good lawyers a bad name and the only way the good lawyers will shine is to also hold their peers accountable.

Ethical Lawyers will need to file complaints against bad lawyers and bad judges.

As officers of the court, they have a legal obligation to do that and that is the same for judges.

This issue will not just ‘poof’ disappear. This issue NEEDS to be confronted.

We have evidence against bad lawyers and judges.

We will expose these individuals and we encourage all good lawyers, judges, and litigants to file a complaint with the Nevada State Bar and Nevada Judicial Discipline Commission.

These unethical/corrupt lawyers and judges have continually violated the US and Nevada Constitution, the Nevada Revised Statues and their own Judicial Cannons.

It is the time we as a community weed out the corruption in our judicial system and we commend Attorney Rhonda Mushkin for standing up for her client.

“If you turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to corruption, you are just as guilty as the perpetrators committing the injustice”.

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