Assembly Candidate takes on tough questions inside Family Court on the Veterans In Politics internet video talk-show

Clark County Nevada

April 26, 2020


Veterans In Politics International host a weekly video internet talk-show since 2005 interviewed Jim Small Nevada Assembly Candidate for District 2, Jim took on tough questions regarding drastic changes needed to the Family Court System.


Freedom and Dignity for All.

Jim Small was raised in a small town (no pun intended) in Indiana. He worked and went to college at the same time, graduating with high honors. After graduation, still working at a full-time job, he obtained a master’s degree. His education was followed by post-graduate training in labor relations, collective bargaining, negotiations, alternate dispute resolution, and mediation. Jim finished his career as a distinguished member of the U.S. Senior Executive Service, overseeing the work of a large legal team. Jim is an experienced executive that knows how to successfully navigate the bureaucracy to achieve results. Throughout his tenure, Jim frequently presented, led, and participated in seminars and public presentations and served as a leader in several professional organizations. Jim first became a Clark County homeowner in 1995.  Jim and his wife Mary are proud residents of District 2. Much of their time is devoted to volunteering, mentoring high school students, and assisting elderly and infirmed members of our community. These values of integrity, compassion, responsibility, and service to his fellow man continue to motivate Jim. Committed to giving back to the community he loves, Jim is running for Nevada State Assembly in District 2. Jim is a problem solver devoted to serving his community. He will work for common-sense legislation that will protect the wages of everyday Nevadans and keep small businesses strong in Southern Nevada.


Please click on the link to the show below and decide for yourself.


Assembly Candidate takes on tough questions inside Family Court on Veterans In Politics talk-show


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