Nothing will change if all we do is talk about it!

Nothing will change if all we do is talk about it!

Clark County, NV.

January 10, 2018

Legislators and candidates for the Nevada State Assembly and State Senate, as well as law enforcement need to take immediate action to investigate and address the fact that the Family Court System is enmeshed in a culture of corruption and “good ol’ boy” collusion.


Judges and attorneys often do not respect or enforce the existing laws in Family Court.  Legal professionals that practice in Nevada’s other courts know that Family Court is a Kangaroo Court, characterized as the “red-headed step-child” of judicial forums.


I’ve been told that most Judges are only in Family Court because they cannot make it in the Civil/Criminal Division. These Judges are destroying lives with their payback of political favors from the bench, judicial overreach, violation of due process, and in the worst cases, the “God Complex” mentality.


We need the help of the public to effectuate a change and force accountability.  Your help is desperately needed in this regard.  There is a survey that states 65% of Americans end up in Family Court.


We have questions that demand answers!

  • Do the Clark County Family Court Judges follow procedural law?  If not, what Family Court Judge has violated this procedural law?
  • If the Clark County Family Court Judges base their decisions on discretion, should they be an attorney to be elected to this division?
  • If the Clark County Family Court Judges were not protected by Judicial Immunity, do you believe they would start adhering to the Federal and State Constitution, the Rules of Civil Procedures, the Nevada Revised Statutes and their own Judicial Cannons?
  • Do you believe that Clark County Family Court Judges possess the insights to distinguish between hearsay argument and actual evidence?  Do you believe there are some Clark County Family Court judges that disregard the Rules of Evidence?
  • Do you believe that Clark County Family Court Judges understand that they are Civil Judges, not Criminal Judges and therefore they don’t have ANY Jurisdiction to order a litigant to take a drug or alcohol test?
  • Do you believe Clark County Family Court Judges understand that a pro-se litigant has the right to be heard, to produce evidence, just like anyone being represented by an attorney?  And, if those rights are being violated, is it a violation of both the US and State Constitutions?
  • If attorneys are Officers of the Court, should they be immune from perjury?  Should a perjury conviction be only reserved for litigants and not Family Court Judges or Attorneys?
  • Should Family Court Litigants have a choice to have a bench trial or trial by jury?  If this choice is NOT given, isn’t this a violation of the 7thAmendment in the US Constitution?  Why is it that there is no Jury Box in any Clark County Family Courtrooms?
  • Should we mirror California law that requires judges to disclose on the record each time an attorney or the attorney’s law firm appears before them who donated campaign donations in excess of $1,500 or more to their campaign?  If not, do you believe that campaign donations to a judge are a motivator for them to rule in their favor?  Should the Clark County Family Court Judges be appointed?
  • Sometimes we get it right when we voted for a candidate who became a Family Court Judge who doesn’t have a family, but followed the law in the end.  However, in the last election, we got it wrong.
  • Do you believe to become a Family Court Judge you must have at least 50% of their law firms experience practicing family law, or experience as a husband, wife or a parent as qualifier to understand what litigants appearing before them are going through?
  • Should Family Court Judges solely rely on a list of third-party entities that that they refer litigants to?  Such as parent coordinators, parent evaluators, therapist, psychologist, and guardian ad litem?  If so, should their fee be standardized to ensure litigants don’t walk into a situation blindly that would financially cripple them?  Should the Court first rely on the litigant’s medical insurance for the selection of an outside third-party entity that is covered?
  • In a messy custody battle, should minor children automatically have their own attorney appointed from the District Attorney’s Office to ensure the child’s best interest is protected and the cost is equally shared by both parties?
  • At what age should a minor child be able to decide which parent they would like to live with? Currently there is no statue that governs this.  Should there be one?
  • Do Clark County Family Court Judges understand Federal law when it comes to our Veterans and Active Military?  Do they understand the Service Member Civil Relief Act, where no action can be taking if a service member is under orders away from the jurisdiction of Clark County?  Do they understand that Service Connected Disability Benefits cannot be counted as income, that it’s protected from all taxes including the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Bankruptcy Levies, Collection, Garnishment, Courts, and Social Security Disability Benefits? Do Family Court judges understand that this is not up to their discretion?
  • Do you believe that Family Court Judges should wine and dine with Family Court Attorneys that practice before them?  Do you believe that Judges and Attorneys should attend the same Continued Learning Educational Classes at the same time they have cases together in the same courtrooms?
  • Should Family Court Attorneys be able to blackmail and intimidate litigants to keep fighting that creates conflict to rack up and churn Attorney’s Fees so they can get the opposing party to pay it, or put a lien on their clients?
  • Should there be a Nevada State Law that would force a Family Court Judge to render a decision within a few weeks, and not let months or years go by where litigants and their children are forced to put their lives on hold?
  • Should a Family Court Judge give a litigant ample time to prepare should their case get canceled or rescheduled, instead of the litigant taking time off from work, showing up to a building they really don’t want to appear in, causing stress and anxiety?
  • Should a litigant be able to sue a Family Court Judge, because they failed to follow the law, which caused an unnecessary financial burden or death?
  • If a Family Court Judge deliberately sets up a litigant or uses their bench to defame a litigant, should that litigant be able to sue that Family Court Judge for monetary damages and a retraction?
  • Should Child Protective Services be able to take your child and place them in the Foster Care System without an Evidentiary Hearing which would allow you the right to defend yourself?  Should Child Protective Services Employees receive a bonus or the Agency receive additional grant money for taking your child?
  • Should Clark County Family Court Judges and Attorneys be immediately sanctioned upon review in a timely manner when they failed to follow and apply the law?
  • Should Family Court become a Debtors Court?  Should a Family Court Judge use your children as a ransom until you pay a bill to a third-party entity?
  • Why are some Divorce litigation proceedings longer than their marriages?
  • Do we need a Special Prosecutor like a Judicial Inspector General to randomly go through Judge’s cases to see if any laws or procedures are being violated? 
  • Should there be substantial laws that govern “Sealed Cases” and “Closed Hearings”?
  • Should a Family Court Judges be permitted to proffer that a litigant has a mental issue, when in some cases it’s the Family Court Judge that causes the symptoms being demonstrated due to denial of access to his or her child?
  • Why is it that Family Court Judges and Attorneys bankrupt you, when that money could be put away for your children’s future?
  • After reading all of these questions and statements regarding family court, do you believe it’s worth the risk of having a complete stranger to make your family’s life and death changing decisions, which have a lifetime of mental and financial scars?


Family Court is the only court that feels they can lock their doors at any time, denying Public Access. An attorney could seal every single case so the public are blinded to their violations and in some case this same attorney is a candidate for Judge or a Hearing Master. Family Court like any other court is paid by tax dollars. The Judges, the JEA (Judicial Executive Assistance), the Marshal, the case worker, the building, the utilities, the janitor; you get the point.  The entire System is paid with County and State tax dollars in some cases Federal Grants.  Why do Judges and Attorneys feel they can deny public access on a whim?  They have an escape goat, they call it the best interest of the children!  But in reality, it is for the best interest of themselves!


This is a very corrupt system.  Due to this, even your own attorney won’t help you – especially if they are friends of the judge or you are not current on your bill.  Keep in mind that an attorneys’ “Bread and Butter” is winning cases before Judges. They do not want to “rock the boat!”  Some attorneys in the Clark County Family Court System will sell you out to the highest bidder.  An attorney will rarely turn in a judge that has violated a procedure or law, although they have an obligation to do so and the same is true for the judges reporting attorneys. These parties are all members of the Nevada State Bar.  Some Judges are looking to retire at a law firm or move into a law firm if they lose their re-election.  Don’t be fooled, most of them are in sync with each other.  If an attorney turns in another attorney they are most likely to be blackballed amongst their peers.


We need to act now, before more Nevadans become victims!


Steve Sanson

President Veterans In Politics International Inc. ®

PO Box 28211

Las Vegas, Nv 89126

702 283 8088


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