T. Matthew Phillips CA. Civil Rights Attorney tells all about lawsuits, motions & restraining orders

Civil Rights Attorney will discuss a Federal Lawsuit against Judge Ochoa, Motion Challenging Face Mask in court, and Restraining Order against Local Attorney Alex Ghibaudo on the Veterans In Politics Video Internet talk-show



Clark County Nevada

August 25, 2020



Veterans In Politics video internet talk-show interviewed T. Matthew Phillips a California Attorney, Phillips has hurray of knowledge on many topics. Below are many of Phillips quotes and his opinions on today’s political climate.



Motion Challenging Face Mask in court




Last Friday, I filed my first legal challenge to mandatory face masking. Yes, it’s another sordid tale of “individual rights” versus the “greater good.”


Which will prevail?–the Constitution?–or COVID Mania?


LEGAL ISSUE: May states enforce “mandatory face masking” for members of the general public entering the county courthouse? (“No!”) Mandatory face masking orders are unconstitutional.



(1) Even assuming there was an actual “public health crisis,” there’s no scientific proof that the face masking halts the spread of contagion.

(2) Facemasks do not filter-out microscopic viruses. Furthermore, wearing facemasks for prolonged time periods can create unsafe CO2 surpluses, and unsafe oxygen deficits, not to mention the unsanitary microbial build-up of molds, fungi, and bacteria inside the mask, which is totally gross and also causes lung infections.

(3) Mandatory face masking policies must allow for exemptions based on “medical status” and “disability status.” (And for “conscientious objectors” too!)

(4) Mandatory face masking policies discriminate against the disabled because such policies deny full and equal access to courtroom facilities based on the individual’s “disability status” and “medical status,” (ADA violations!).

(5) Mandatory face masking policies wrongfully impose the state’s faith-based, pseudoscientific opinions upon the People—in violation of the Establishment Clause, First Amendment.

It’s a “new normal” only if you choose to normalize it. Resist now. ~~TMP.




Restraining Order against Local Attorney Alex Ghibaudo

The now-defunct shill page, Nevada Court Watchers (NCW), is registered with the Nevada Secretary of State. So, “who” operates the scam? Dave Schoen! And he is employed as a “tea boy” for Jennifer Abrams law firm.


As you may know, poor Jenny suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of a jarhead Schwarz by the name of Steve Sanson. In fact, Jenny was so P.O.’d, that she hired Dave Schoen to wage a personal Facebook war featuring race-based verbal assaults, insults, and innuendo.


Most curious of all, NCW shills share bricks ‘n mortar office with the notorious Alex. G. Ride! — Who was recently schooled in Facebook etiquette — by none other than legendary civil rights attorney, T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.


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Federal Lawsuit against Judge Ochoa

This crooked judge violated Nevada’s Code of Fair Campaign Practices, [NRS 294A.290], by conspiring with an attorney, Regina “Gina4” McConnell to throw the election.


The public holds this judge in very low regard — and the judge knows it. He could never get elected under legit circumstances. So he enlists the support of a “friendly” family court attorney who enters the race and does zero campaigning’s — and the crooked judge then gets reelected.


This sort of gerrymandering may be appropriate behavior for “R” and “D” candidates — but not for officers-of-the-court. Attorneys are supposed to be hard-wired for zealousness, but not Gina-4 McConnell. (Does Gina-4 also lose in court on purpose?)


Let’s cross our fingers and pray that these two are prosecuted for election fraud. And even if the U.S. Atty’s Office declines to prosecute, the citizens of Clark County have a private right of action.


Sadly, these collusive practices are widespread in Clark County’s judicial elections. We must send a loud ‘n clear message to crooked judges — who must be held accountable. Stay tuned for Clark County’s first-ever lawsuit alleging breach of contract — i.e., breach of the Code of Fair Campaign Practices. ~~TMP.


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“Las Vegas Dad Sues Family Court Judge – for Blocking Him on Facebook!”



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Matthew Phillips blast Family Court Judge Vincent Ochoa



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  1. Matthew Phillips CA. Civil Rights Attorney tells all about lawsuits, motions & restraining orders


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